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  1. Thanks everyone. The prices I'm being shown for unlimited data: $25 / month, $250 / 12 months, $450 / 24 months.
  2. I just purchased a Yukon XL so I still have all the trial plans that GMC and Onstar provide. I'm trying to figure out the plans after the trials end. I don't want any of the Onstar functionality, just the LTE Wifi. I can't tell if I need so be an Onstar subscriber for the LTE data plan or if it changes the price. At the moment, with all the trial plans, I can get 24 months of unlimited data for $450. Will this still be offered if I don't renew any of the other GMC or Onstar plans? Some of the (confusing) documentation seems to suggest I have to be an Onstar member or subscriber. I chatted with a rep via my.gmc.com and she said I could get just the LTE wifi without any other Onstar plans, but I don't fully trust customer service. Does anyone actually have just the 4G LTE wifi without any other services or plans? What prices and options are available to you?
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