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  1. The noise may be caused by the 110 Volt Power Inverter Module not being seated properly in the mounting bracket (if equipped with RPO K14). Condition 2: Rattle, squeak or itch type noise from the center of the dash in the radio area. The instrument panel accessory bezel may be rattling due to insufficient tension of retainers. Press on the bezel while duplicating noise to see if it is eliminated. Condition 3: Rattle or itch type noise from the dash area near the windshield Defroster grill may be rattling due to insufficient retention of retainers. Press on defroster g
  2. also tire pull is a real thing, if you are pulling to one side, swap the tires from side to side to see if it changes
  3. there is a reprogram /recall on 4WD where the brakes lock up and cause it to pull. call/contact your local dealer to see if your vehicle falls with in this recall. N192261050-01: Safety Recall - Unexpected Pull To One Side - (Nov 20, 2019) Subject: N192261050 — Unexpected Pull To One Side Models: 2014–2018 Chevrolet Silverado 2014–2018 GMC Sierra 2015–2020 Chevrolet Suburban
  4. if you dont find the info you are looking for , give me your vin, i can use my global connect access to get your entire vehicle build ( gm tech)
  5. yes they can and will. outside temp and temp of the tire directly effect the tire pressure. check your tire pressure on cold tires. fill to spec. they can change easily 3-4 psi depending on tire temp/outside temp.
  6. this sadly is true, i am a tech for a gm dealership. last december i bought an 2018 sierra. the last year of that body style and i havent had 1 issue yet at 12,000
  7. i had a 19 truck recently complaining of a brake squeal , i ended up deglazing the brake pads and turning the rotors. sometimes pads/rotors get glazed and they will make a noise. there is a software update about the brake life % . typically the pads are still fine just a software issue.
  8. these trucks have an electronic vacuum pump module assembly that is part of the EBCM. they will malfunction. i have replaced 7 of these on the 19-20 trucks already. the brake pad monitor life is just a software update. they will not change the pads cuz there is nothing wrong with the brake pads. i have done this update 20+ times. if they EBCM vacuum pump assembly is faulty it will set dtcs and sometimes a check engine light. and when faulty it can reduce top speed or say braking system is reduced. as far as the fuel gauge only saying you can fill to 7/8ths of a tank this could be
  9. it is an updated part. GM just updated the coverage on this to 10 yrs 150,00 so if you still are with in coverage period just go to the dealer and have it done.
  10. actually that would seem as if it is working correctly
  11. they can be off and not 100% accurate to the display its just an RF signal sent to a receiver. tint, after market wheels, other things can interfere with the signal. as far as the light coming on and you put air in it and it didnt change, well do you know for sure that the sensors positions are learned to the vehicle correctly? meaning when they get rotated is the shop relearning them after? they need to be relearned every time. so you may be putting air in the left rear but the that may not be the left rear according to the vehicle.
  12. they have to go through GDS and preform a reset procedure for both front and rear. this is after they perform the bulletin to update the software. HOWEVER if its over 6000 the bulletin says not to reset the pad life. i have done 5 of these in the last week at work.
  13. there is a bulletin about noises coming from the dash it can be the inverter or they used the wrong size screws in behind the radio or whatever... just take it to the dealer , its under warranty
  14. the throttle body may be bad at this point , replace it with an OEM throttle body. also those reuseable filters are horrible , that is typically caused by over oiling the filter. but basically you just cost yourself a throttle body using a reuseable filter instead of just replacing the OEM filter with another OEM
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