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  1. Thanks guys, I had a feeling I was right. Yes it's a sealed master and it's an exterior sensor. I took it out and will be installing in a few days. I just wanted to make sure ya know? Didnt wanna go through the process of bleeding and all only to end up at square one again. Thanks!
  2. Hello, This is my first post here. 3 weeks ago my brake lines went out on my 2003 Chrvy Avalanche 1500 Z71. Just finished replacing them but also have to replace the Master Cylinder. However, all the masters I see online have a brake level sensor on them. I ordered one with one because I couldn't find one without. It looks like it can be removed though, it's the one that slides in and out at the bottom. My avalanche does not have this sensor, but my old master has the same slot where the sensor would go. Did they manufacture all aftermarket masters with the sensor and its optional to take it off if your vehicle doesnt have it? Will this affect anything? It's just brake fluid level detection I'd say. I'll attach photos to show what I'm talking about. I'm not a mechanic, I'm just a DIYer I saw that on other vehicles like the trailblazer it can be taken out without fluid loss. I assume it's an exterior sensor that detects light or something?
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