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  1. Has anyone with the Undercover Ultraflex had issues getting the rail to lay flat? The driver side rail is raised in the back and once the cover is on it is very noticeable. I tried adjusting the clamp but it doesn’t make a difference. Wondering if the rail itself is warped or bent.
  2. 2019 Sierra SLT with 2,000 miles. Last two days after entering my work parking garage with window down I’ve noticed a constant clicking at low speeds when turning or turning/braking. Any ideas? Thought maybe a sticking brake pad but I see many of the older trucks had the same issue which was the rack. Anyone else have this issue? Not loud enough to hear in the cab with windows up but def noticeable with windows down.
  3. Pete, any chance you have the part numbers from your GMC mats?
  4. Pete, did you go with the mats or the liners? From what I’ve read they’re different.
  5. Thank you all for the pics! So I guess the liners are the way to go. Is there any place cheaper than others, I do have the center console?
  6. Does anyone have the GM all weather liners or mats that would be willing to post some pics? Have a 2019 GMC.and curious how they fit as my father has the weather tech liners in his Yukon and the fit isn’t great. As I understand, Weathertech makes the liners for GM.
  7. Thanks! I believe the dealer did add the wheels as the sticker had “tpo” or whatever it is in front of them which I believe is a dealer add on.
  8. All, got about 30 miles away from the dealership after buying my new truck and the tpms light blinked and stayed on. Message says service tpms and the tire pressure screen shows nothing for all tires. It did show numbers when we test drove it. I’ve checked and corrected psi in each tire. Also put it into tpms reset however I do not have a tool and letting air out for 10-15 seconds did not trigger it. Any suggestions other than going to the dealer? It does have the 22” wheels if that matters.
  9. Does anyone know if GM makes the all weather floor liners for the dark walnut/slate interior? All I can find is the black liners. I see a brown or walnut color on their site but can’t find any part numbers for 2019 SLT. Thanks!
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