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  1. I finally got the truck back from the dealer. They had to replace the #4 lifters, solenoids and injector as well as the #1 injector. Also they had to replace the solenoid harness as it broke when they removed it. Appeared to run good this morning, time will tell.
  2. Well, the second time the truck went in on Friday, they said cylinder 4 was miss firing, they said the plug was fouled and changed it. I picked up the truck and knew that didn't fix it, said I will be back. I have not had a fouled plug since I had a hot rod with Holley carb and a big cam with a lumpy idle...WTF? Over the weekend same lights, same trouble. This time at highway speed the truck started missing and bucking, on a whim, then be fine. Dealer has it again for a third time.
  3. I had a 2004 Duramax for 15 + years, never any trouble ( well 1 injector) I have a 2019 GMC Elevation, 25k miles and all these codes come up. When the CEL is flashing it's like its running on 4 cylinders. I am not feeling confident this new truck will be as great as the last. I have an appointment to drop it off at the dealer on Tuesday, will keep you posted.
  4. 19Sierra, thanks for the info. I have an appointment Tuesday.
  5. I have the same issue with the blinding backup screen at night. I keep my hand over the screen when backing up. Hope they get a fix for this.
  6. I was skeptical about this, but the truck was just too quite, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to try it. Wow, what a difference for $10 in hose clamps I had to buy. Now when you give it gas it sounds like there is something other than an electric motor under the hood. Works for now, and I don't have to rip out a brand new exhaust system. Thanks for the tip!
  7. Yes, they are the pin crimped to a 6" piece of wire with a butt connector, not cheap
  8. Part number is listed in the attached word document. Two different pin sizes. Also swapping the fuse did not change the extra pin to RAP. So I wired the sirius power cord to the cigar lighter wires
  9. I have them on order from GMpartsdirect.com Have not received them yet. Today I will swap the 50 amp fuse (F27/F28) in the passenger side fuse box so the accessory power will be tied to the retained accessory power and will try tapping into the extra pin near the F28.
  10. I found a place to tap into auxiliary 12VDC. Under the drivers side dash there is an extra connector X260. It has a blank mating connector pugged into it. I will be going to GM to see if I can get the pins. In the GM up-fitters website you can download the breakout but the Black wire on 1 is ground and the Violet/Yellow wire on 6 is the accessory power. It is a 14 pin plug. x260.doc
  11. Good question, I am planning on installing a SiriusXM stratus 7 receiver and was wondering the same thing.
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