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  1. Just wanted to share that if you have the GMC with existing black hooks, you can reuse the hardware and just order 2 red hooks. GM part 84338715. I purchased 2 from eBay seller partscenterplus for $68 shipped. They drop shipped from GM in a factory box and they bolted right up.
  2. Let me know if anyone is interested in selling their GMC red hooks?
  3. Do you still have them? Do you know if they'll fit the Elevation?
  4. Thanks everyone for the advice! I had the installer remove all plugs except for the three on the front of the bed, because they'll get covered by the Roll-n-lock canister and should never be accessed again. I also installed the Deezee cargo tie downs. Installation was very easy and they look good. I coated the threads with a thick coating of anti-seize.
  5. Just first wanted to thank all of you who helped me out recently when researching my new truck. I ended up going with the Elevation with the 5.3L - 10 speed. The truck is stunning! It didn't come with a bed liner, so after researching the different options (Rhino, Line-X, Bullet), I decided that for my needs the Rhino Tuff Grip should suit me best. I will also install a Roll-n-Lock cover right after. My question is what to do with the plastic or rubber tie down and other plugs in the bed? I plan to install 2 tie downs on each side. Was looking at the Dee Zee DZ97903 type. They look better than the GM ones IMO. The rest of the plugs will never be used. I read that some spray over the plugs and others remove them before spraying, but with the thicker Rhino liner, will those plugs sit back in correctly afterwards? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for all the great info. Truly appreciated! I hit the dealer today and test drove the Custom TB in the 5.3L 6speed, LT in the 5.3L 8speed and the RST in the 3.0L TD. As much as I love the look of the TB, I'm agreeing with most of you to look at the LT or RST instead. The extra touches and drivability on the LT and RST are better suited for my needs. I can always put on off-road tires and a lift kit later on if I want. I really liked the way the 5.3L accelerated a lot. The 3.0L also felt really nice, just prefer the sound of a naturally aspired engine more than the turbo sound, but power was plenty on both. Right now I'm leaning towards the 3.0 for the MPGs, the 10 speed tranny, 100k powertrain warranty and hopefully longevity. I've never owned a diesel before, but have heard stories about costly injector replacements. Anyone know if and when they're expected to need replacing? I looked up scheduled maintenance on the 3.0 that they posted up to 150k and don't see anything besides oil, fluids, filters and oil pump belt. What costs (in general) should I expect up to 100k, 150, 200k? Thanks again!
  7. Thanks for the info! TBH I wouldn't have any plans to mess with the tuning on it, so however it comes from Chevy, is the way it'll remain but definitely good to know. I had mentioned it in the other replies I wrote the other guys that many of you keep hinting to reliability issues. So the 5.3L AFM motors are notorious for burning oil? Is that still the case on the new ones? Any other issues that you know of with the other motors or trannys?
  8. Good information. Thanks. Question since you seem to track this stuff...do you remember the real world mpg's on the three engines? 3.0 vs 5.3 vs 6.2? The numbers that Chevy puts out seem off.
  9. Thanks for the info. In reading through the other posts on my questions, others mention possible reliability issues on these trucks. I'm new to full-size pickups, but my Frontier has 215k miles on it and has been very reliable and has been mainly just normal wear and tear parts replaced. I'm pretty ****** with keeping up with scheduled services and stuff. I just hope that this new truck is realistically a long-term keeper. Is it normal for these trucks to last 200k on a stock engine, tranny, etc. or rebuilds? What are the average lifespans of one of these trucks which have been maintained?
  10. Thanks. Are the tranny issues on the 6, 8 and 10 speeds?
  11. Thanks for info. Any reliability issues with your truck?
  12. Thanks for the info. I'll research he GMC's. I like the look of the Elevation. Just have to compare like for like with the Chevy's to see the differences.
  13. What do you mean by maintenance? Keeping up with all scheduled services or these trucks are not very reliable and the engine, tranny, other expensive parts, etc. won't last 200k miles?
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