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  1. I can’t really say what my truck gets because I don’t drive it. Dash says 23.5mpg average I’ve never cleared it but it says last 400 miles which is what I have selected. The Burban is 22.7. Both have 20” Chevy rims with factory tire size. Calculated that from when we got it until now it’s never changed unless I’m hooked up to one of my trailers. Whether I’m in my truck or in my burban I drive the same. I don’t accelerate hard or brake hard unless unsafe not to. Yes, I am that guy that has it cruise control at the speed limit in the slow lane. The wife enjoy the drive and I have no reason to go fast or accelerate like I’m at the drag strip. None of my vehicles have ever even come close to full throttle. Heck that I can think of I’ve never seen 3k rpm on truck burban 4-4.5k due to trailers but not driving hard. I do baby the hell out of them. I might aggravate people but they aren’t buying my vehicles and they aren’t paying my gas bill either. My Onstar driving score it’s 94% (yes proud of that) only reason I can think of that it isn’t a 100% is it cuts you down for late night driving which we set a point on the map and I don’t stop until I’m there.
  2. I have a 2016 suburban 5.3 2wd lt and a 2018 Silverado 5.3 4x4 ltz. the truck is a garage queen bought early 2018 New with 1 miles on the od. Has 1957 miles (400 of that returning from purchasing) All stock. Afm enabled no catch can. The suburban however ever is our family workhorse. Pulls my bass boat and 18’ pipe top tandem trailer with x2 Harley’s sometimes x3 bikes with ease on long road trips. Family vacations with the kids. Purchased new beginning of 2017 Currently has just over 112,000. I do all routine maintenance myself penzoil full synthetic every 5k on the dot along with tire rotation. Air filter stp premium ever 10k. Lifetime alignment from firestone done ever 10k. Everything else tranny, rear end all other fluids changed at intervals suggested in owners manual. All stock no modifications whatsoever. Afm enabled no catch can. And zero oil consumption! Interior has held up nicely leather still looks brand new front and back. No paint chipping. Plugs/wires at 99,996 tires at 72k brakes factory still over 70-75% front and rear. ( 90% highway miles ) it’s 40 miles to town. And we mainly use it for road trips. battery 101,500 tranny fluid 75k rear end 75k coolant 100k only issues I have had is the typical air condenser/compressor at 79k. Replaced under warranty. Second the windshield just crack out of no where from one side to the other, no damage no rock chips. I imagine the climate change from driving across the states from Texas to Canada came out the next morning after arrival and there it was.
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