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  1. I probably should have clarified that I currently have an AT4 with the Rough Country 1318 2" level kit that I'll be removing. This level kit consists of a 1" spring spacer and a 1" lower strut spacer. It caused my truck to be higher in the front by about 1/2" - 3/4". At least that is how it appears. The specific 5100's I'll be installing (# 24-309509) have three settings: stock height, .55", and 1.1". Given my situation, should I install at the 1.1" setting to get closer to a true level? Just worried about stiff ride at the max setting. Or I could install at the middle setting (.55") along with the 1" lower strut spacer to give me approx. 1.55" front lift. Would this ride smoother than the shocks alone at the 1.1" setting? I have 3" rear blocks i could install if the front still appears nose high. I'll also be adding Cognita UCA's.
  2. Wow. That's the opposite of what I expected. I figured the max setting would cause more stiffness. Thanks for the info.
  3. Does anyone know if the ride comfort will be noticeably different between settings on the Bilstein 5100 adjustable front shocks (#24-309509)? Wondering if anything other than the stock height setting will be noticeably stiffer? Thanks in advance for any insight.
  4. Has anyone had trouble receving the account verification email when setting up a new user profile on the infotainment system? I just bought a 2019 AT4 and tried creating a profile twice. I've been able to create a profile and save settings, but have not received the account verification email it claims to have sent. Any thoughts???
  5. Did you happen to have these tires mounted before you put on the RC leveling kit? I have a bone stock AT4 without a leveling kit, so I'm wondering if 285/65/20 will work. TIA.
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