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  1. Thinking door weather stripping or firewall. Working out of town right now so going to try and find the time to start on it this weekend. I use some pretty good sealant stuff at work, so going to try a little bead under stripping on both driver side doors and fire wall, unless there is an easier fix I'm not aware of
  2. I just joined, finally decided to get truck and went with GMC because it's what we drive at work and I really like them. Not big on the new body style, so I found a 2006 Sierra 1500 crew cab sle with under 100000 miles and jumped on it. Body and interior are in great shape and mechanicaly runs good for a 14 year old truck. Does have water leak during heavy rain, but I do not think it's coming from vents in rear. But I will find it and fix it,love the truck too much not too.
  3. Just bought sietta crew cab 1500 a month ago, has 94000 miles on it and runs and looks great. Until it rained for 3 days straight and there was water under hood latch on driver side. Does anyone have any fixes for it? And truck came with after market rims, caps say cruisin alloy. Been trying to find more information on them to decide if I want to keep them and replace a few caps or get rid of them. Any help on either subject would be greatly appreciated!
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