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  1. Anyone have any luck getting reimbursed for there home repair? I just filled out my paperwork and sent it in for reimbursement. All paperwork must be submitted by the end of November.
  2. Yes. And all the old pumps will fail. Quote was almost $700 to fix. And if you have over the 70000 miles you will be paying. Mine started to fail around the 90000 mile mark.
  3. 12696313 outwardly appears the same as 12669488. Maybe GM changed something internal. I do not know. I installed this part last night on my truck and braking is better now. But I still had the original faulty part from the 2014 model.
  4. No. My brakes went stiff on me twice. But I only brought it in for the recall. I was planning on getting the part and doing the pump change myself and only getting the reprogram done at dealership. They tested the pump and confirmed what I already knew,That the pump was starting to fail. In fact they didn’t want to let me take the truck home because of the bad pump. They made a note on my paperwork that the truck was unsafe to drive but returned to customer. The funny thing is that the dealerships are admitting that the problem is unsafe yet there is no recall to fix it.
  5. I posted this on another thread but wanted people to know what my dealership told me when I brought my 2014 gmc for recall. They said that that vacuum pump part number 12669488 is being replaced by a new pump. Part# 12696313. They quoted me over $600 to replace pump. I brought truck home and said I would do it myself. I was able to order this new pump part # from an online GM dealership out of North Carolina. Still waiting for it. But it appears to be a new part as I could only find it from GM dealerships. Amazon or rock auto didn’t have this part only the superseded part. I’ll post a pick of the new pump when I get it. I have no clue what the difference between 12669488 and 12696313 is. I found one on eBay from a dealership and they both appear exactly the same from the pics.
  6. I have a 2014 GMC Sierra. I’m having the stiff brake issue while backing up. Brought the truck in for reprogramming. Dealership said that there is a new part number pump GM#12696313 that is replacing #12669488. I ordered the part from an online GM parts shop to fix it myself. I noticed only the GM dealerships have this part number pump. If this is true, then many people who had replaced there pump may still have issues in the future. Also, the dealership did not want to let us take the truck home without it getting fixed and they printed on the invoice of work done that truck is dangerous and shouldn’t be driven till brakes fixed.
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