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  1. Just remove the CATs and see how it works. You can always put them back if it makes no difference. CATs are restrictive, but not especially so on the street. Keep in mind that there are two O2 sensors on some of these trucks, my '03 has one before the CAT and one after the CAT. These are used by the computer to optimize the tune. Remove the CATs and you'll mess up that part of the tune. My guess is the truck will run poorly without the CATs.
  2. There are two Range Forks. Might you have a 263 because of the larger chain? Are the springs intact and not damaged?
  3. If you drive hard, odds are the engine needs a rebuild. Put good parts in it and it may hold up for another 12 years. $2500 if you do it yourself with a good machine shop. Think about the transmission while you're at it. $1500 for a performance rebuild if you do it yourself.
  4. How is your plug wired? The following is standard
  5. Search acdelco.com for the correct Delco part number. The 4L60 and 4L80 use the same o-rings. You can get them from globaltransmissionparts.com. Great company to work with.
  6. The best way to determine this is the build sheet label. The VIN is good, but the label in the glove box will be definitive. It will explicitly state a number like "TK25943". The 9 means long bed (8 foot), a 7 means short bed (6.5 foot).
  7. Agreed, it needs a rebuild. Any number of things can cause this, solenoids, clogged passages, others... Your best option is to buy a new transmission from GM. Rebuilds are a crap shoot and I can't recommend a rebuilder for you. There are great rebuilders, but you'll need to find one that doesn't skip any steps. It costs a lot for a correct rebuild, like $2500.
  8. Hello Folks. I'm new here, because I just bought a 2003 GMC K2500HD. This truck was originally a Fire Captain's Truck with a roof antenna and coax for the radio, what looks like a light bar socket on the roof. It also has a goose neck hitch in the bed, and a front winch bumper. Anybody want an ugly black winch bumper? I have a couple of questions. First, the truck has a $20 Walmart special radio that doesn't work, so I'll be replacing that with something good. The horn doesn't work either... There is no RPO code that specifies a Bose audio system, or OnStar, although the full complement of steering wheel buttons are present. I'd like to use the buttons to control the new radio. Second, I found a new key fob online, so that's good to go, but what about the actual door and ignition keys? Is the ignition key "normal" or does it have a chip inside it? Third, the transfer case was just replaced by the previous owner, but it doesn't have a New Venture tag on it. How can I be sure it's an NV263? Are there casting numbers, or since it works fine on this truck it must be correct? Thanks a bunch.
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