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  1. Yes, I noticed that too this morning. A little disappointed. The LT has the folding mirrors button so it is absolutely capable of this setting. My take is that they had to intentionally write software code to not allow this. Does anyone know why they chose to not have this setting for the LT? Thank you!
  2. I am very interested in your results with pulling that 14k 5th wheel. Please let us know how that goes for you!
  3. For my gas 2020 2500 HD LT, I am seeing about ~15 MPG day to day; mainly country roads with 4 stop lights. We just took our 9000k 36 foot TT to the NC/VA mountains, averaged 8.9 MPG on that trip. I have a total of 2300 miles on the truck so far. Great truck! Handled those mountains like they weren't even there. Very satisfied.
  4. I've been getting ~15 mpg thus far. I am still under 1k and I don't do a lot of stops, mainly rural and little highway. One thing I do notice with this truck, you pay when you drive it hard. If you keep it calm, you generally get decent gas millage. I am pleased with its performance so far. No complains. Really liking the 36 gallon tank.
  5. Good Afternoon! Quick question as I am finding hard definitive answer to this since it is so early, for the LT that has "heated" Towing vertical mirrors, how are they heated? There isn't a specific button in the cabin to initiate it like there is in the LTZ, but my sticker tells me I have heated mirrors. Is the heating automatic since there is no button? Thank you in advance! Alex
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