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  1. Well I wrote this before I picked up the truck and they installed the VAIS GSR Generation 2 SXV300. It was not what I was expecting as it plugs into the port that you use to run android auto . Which is no good to me as I want to listen to xm and use google maps at the same time. Also the installer was lazy and did not install the antenna out side and kept it under the dash. This causes another issue - because the signal is not as strong as it could be it takes 2 minutes before you can use the radio as it isays it is media indexing. I do not know what the dealer is going to do. I called VAIS and they confirmed the only way to use their product is to use the android port but to stop the media indexing the antenna need to be on the outside of the truck and after that is accomplished the radio need be have a factory reset and everything will be fine. He also mentioned to me that if I still want to use my android auto I can purchase a usbc to usbc cable and plug it in next to the android auto plug and it should work.
  2. I purchased a 2019 1500 Slverado LT package recently and noticed before I purchased that it did not not have xm on the radio and I wanted xm radio or I would not purchase the truck. They said it was no problem as all they have to do is put the xm chip in the radio. Today they are adding a chip that will give me xm radio. I do not know what they story would have been if I noticed it after the sale
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