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  1. Nope I did not. PS that trim is a pain to take off. I'd just leave it on and wrap
  2. Installed Nilight fog lights and 2" spacers Also wrapped my High Country steering wheel trim to better match the Custom Trailboss' trim color
  3. I'm almost positive you are going to need a lot more items than you think to get this to work, probably going to be way expensive
  4. It's $115 shipped within the US, if you guys want one just shoot me a message and i'll send you PayPal info. The lights usually take 1-2 weeks to arrive through customs, but it give me time to put the rest of the kit together. Just let me know!
  5. I've powered them on and tested them, they look good! Now if only I can get a fog light base to add them on
  6. I will buy these if you make them!! Been looking for this exactly so I can install these LEDs
  7. Forgot to post my little project I completed a few weeks back in here:
  8. The Denali is sick, but I think I'm gonna go for the HC as it matches our trim a little better. And I just don't like chrome haha
  9. On your first question, no they do not. The communication for that runs through the cluster as well, so hopefully once that's installed those will also work and no upgraded radio will be needed. On the second question, nope not at all. In fact, cruise control still works fine too
  10. I currently have a High Country Steering wheel installed, just waiting on seeing if any clusters pop up on eBay to save a little money on the cluster install, then I'll know for sure all the controls on the steering wheel work properly. The steering wheels are hard to find so keep a look out!
  11. Hey Chris, on a 2019 Custom TB can I purchase either the 19 or 20 cluster or only the 19 cluster would work?
  12. That was my next plan of action if no one here could answer haha. Why do they make it so hard to figure out!
  13. Can anyone out there help me out with a part number for a 2019+ Clock Spring With Heated Steering? Trying to retrofit a High Country steering wheel onto my 2019 Custom TB and can't for the life of me find the part number. I'd love to get the heat working, thanks!
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