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  1. That was my next plan of action if no one here could answer haha. Why do they make it so hard to figure out!
  2. Can anyone out there help me out with a part number for a 2019+ Clock Spring With Heated Steering? Trying to retrofit a High Country steering wheel onto my 2019 Custom TB and can't for the life of me find the part number. I'd love to get the heat working, thanks!
  3. Is this gonna be a precursor to getting steering wheel controls to work on 2019 Customs? I read through all the 2018 and older threads and you were a huge help. I'd love to get that figured out for 2019 and up now that I have a High Country steering wheel installed on my Custom TB!
  4. Installed my new High Country steering wheel I got off eBay last night on my Custom TB. Gonna have to wrap the brown accents in black soon. Really only wanted the leather steering wheel, but it came with all the steering wheel controls and now I have gone down the rabbit hole in figuring out how to get it to all work in the forum threads. I have found the write ups to get heated steering and the controls to work on 2018s and older, but does anyone know if it is basically the same for our 2019s? Anyone know the part number for a 2019 clock spring with heated steering? Any help would be appreciated!
  5. Ah unfortunately that won't help. This is for the front end, not the rear end. I can't hook up to the trailer brake/turn signal because then the Amber's will just stay on all the time I believe, or at least Everytime I hit the brake
  6. I recently bought an LED strip that also has a sequential turn signal I can connect if I want to (separate wire). Problem is, our turn signals don't connect to any wiring harness for me to tap into. I thought maybe I can tap straight into the turn signal fuse, but it looks like there are no turn signal fuses either and it goes straight into the BCM possibly? Anyone have any ideas how I might be able to splice this in somewhere or am I SOL?
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