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  1. I could not wait 2 months, got the Plug n play from Phil aka harness Dr. (Do not swap those names in a search online) and use memory 1 for tight mirror to see down the sides of truck and memory 2 to move them out for better blind spot area (mine is a LTZ with memory of course). This how the truck should have come from the factory.
  2. Mine is a 16. The system works with any IO5 or IO6 with a 8 inch screen.
  3. No sir. The system mimics the 250-8450. I had to turn the blinkers off in the settings since mine are not connected yet. I am very disappointed in the Echomaster front camera during night time use - daytime is fine. I went to get groceries with the wife. From 1-6 mph the front camera pops up automatically. I will see if this is a PITA during Atlanta stop n go traffic while using Apple Carplay/Android Auto this next week. But, it was great driving around looking for a space and then pulling within an inch of the pole at the shopping center. Someone showed how to trim the 3td brake light csmera Echomaster to point higher....gotta find that post.
  4. Just installed the Rostra 250-8456...the front camera automatically comes on at 6 (ish) MPH. $383 on Amazon/Ebay/Etc......you buy any camera you want. I messed up and went with the Echomaster....grainy...going to research why tomorrow and return it for a <$50 one which is HD/IR/210 degrees. The best thing to me about the Rostra 250-8456 (beside auto on front camera) is the ability to use any camera, HDMI input, USB input, and you can pull the cameras up while moving so you can look for safety issues. Having turn signal activation which cuts back to the normal screen while stopped is pretty cool too. The main difference between the Rostra 250-8450 and 250-8456 is the 250-8456 is the updated version and plugs into the back of the screen,...the rest I'm learning
  5. I believe Gen5DIY has a harness for fog on anytime the lights are on.
  6. The lifetime warranty seems too good to be true on the A1. I haven't been able to find any "add-on" puddle lights. I really like the mirror blinker that I've had on my previous 2 vehicles......uugghhhh I also want to add cameras and so far the Intellihaul and Rostra are the only ones I found. I want them all but only need the bed and front. Are there other options? Thanks! -Joe
  7. Before i bug the master about a harness......Has anyone added a puddle to a OEM set? I have DL3 with memory and want the same DQS on a 16 LTZ Crew with a puddle if possible. I prefer the blinker in the mirror but mostly want a dependable folder. I fold at least 5 times per day but trying to get that number up.lol. Thanks ya'll! Joe
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