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  1. Update... I sent an email with video to GM, also video emailed to the dealership... Being that the noise could not be duplicated at the dealership, GM would not authorize parts replacement... So, to make a very long story short, i traded it. I am now driving a competitors truck. After 5 dealership visits, and a complete lack of support from GM, my only regret is buying the silverado in the first place. Not to mention my wife and I are upgrading our SUV in the near future as well, and after this, we won't even remotely entertain any GM products. End of story. Hopefully no others share the same story.
  2. you’re probably right. i just refuse to wrench on anything that is under warranty... it infuriates me on the incompetence of the ‘dealership’ mechanics. What do they teach these technicians in school? ridiculous...
  3. NOT FIXED!!!... back to the dealer for the 3rd freakin' time... I knew it couldn't be a suspension component because the noise never came about while in motion on uneven terrain, like a farm road. Any advice? Any proper steps with GM i can take? How do i properly escalate this to get some traction on it?
  4. The dealer has drilled it down to the leaf spring perch on the front of the leaf spring. Evidently the leaf spring assembly there had an issue and was not aligned as they would like to see. So, the dealer replaced the leaf spring, bushing, bolts and all there... So far, seems to be quiet but i've only spent about 10 minutes in the seat of it.
  5. 2nd dealer was a freakin' joke... Evidently dealers do not do any troubleshooting themselves. They simply send off an email to GM and wait for a response on where they should start, but they call it something catchy like 'tech case' or some other B.S... So, back at the original dealer now. I met with the shop foreman and showed him video footage of the issue... We'll see what happens here...
  6. Hoping it's something simple like that. I'm taking it to a 2nd dealer on Friday this week... I'll update here when i get it back.
  7. Will do. My frustration is that the dealership can’t seem to reproduce the sound... being it’s still under warranty I shouldn’t have to do that. But, I have a feeling I will be forced to figure this out on my own...
  8. Hi guys, having a bit of an issue with my 2017 crew cab silverado. I hope the video i attached is viewable, but the issue is a weird click when leaving from a stop. Sometimes you hear it while attempting to slow down for a turn, you hear it going forward and when going in reverse. It is most noticeable as you begin to leave from a stop. The local dealer says they can't repeat the sound... I call B.S. So, i'm off to another dealer on Thursday... Does anyone else have this issue??? Thanks in advance, hvychev Silverado v3_Trim.mp4
  9. I have different wheels than the pic here. Sounds more like under the truck than on the outside of the wheel... i’ll Check the caps but, doubtful that’s the issue. Any other suggestions?
  10. I have a 2017 silverado Z71 LT CC that will occassionally make a 'click' noise when driving... Now, this is not any suspension thumps or creeks related to suspension parts moving... It is a straight up drive line issue. It's weird because it's random, and is most noticeable when reversing in the morning. it's like something is seized up, and it's breaking loose kind of sound. You don't feel it in the truck, everything is still silky smooth... Just a weird metal on metal click/ping... Anyone else experienced this? I'll have the dealer look into when i drop the truck off for the recall.. Thanks, hvychev77
  11. Sahweet... Thanks for the pics. I have a recall for the brakes on the truck so, i'll have them look at the springs while fixing the brakes. If the springs are a no go, then i'll try this method with the zip ties. Cheers, hvychev77
  12. Be cool to see some pics of the rubber between the springs. I did install intertube pieces at one time, but they seem to slip out of alignment... I'm guessing this is because they're too thin?
  13. My 2017 Silverado is riddled with the thumps and pops in the leaf springs like everyone else's is, or will be. I've got some slips of polyurethane in between the springs right now that's keeping things quiet, for the most part. I can live with it.. though i'm still pissed after the cost of a new truck. So, has anyone found a replacement spring that quietly (no squeaks/pops) works as it should for these trucks? I'll look into replacing after warranty if it's a worthy venture... What brand and part number, cost? Thanks in advance, HVYCHEV77
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