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  1. By absolute fit I mean the following occurred: Face to face meeting with the sales manager that got very heated when he told me 7 times "it is what it is" and numerous times "we don't have a crystal ball". Email to my salesperson Email to the service manager Email to the General manager Email to the owner Email to GM Everyone was CC'd on each mail which contained the following promises: I will be blowing up social media with negative reviews: Google, Facebook, Yelp, YouTube video, this forum, any other GM forums I could find. Provide the contact names and numbers of 2 Orlando news stations that do those "fight for your rights" pieces all the time that I was prepared to contact. Listed 5 various dealerships within 1 mile that all offer 30-60 day warranties on all vehicle purchases. I stated that if someone buys a 2 year old, $29k vehicle from a reputable dealer that person should reasonably deserve some level of customer service. That's what I meant by a fit. I'm retired and was fully prepared to follow through on every promise.
  2. You are screwed my friend. I started a post on this a few months ago. Bought a ‘17 from a Chevy dealership with 38,000. 5 days after purchase whole screen goes blank. Dealer stated I shoulda gotten the extended warranty because the whole system needs to be replaced, $1300. I threw an absolute fit. Finally got the service manager to replace the whole thing and they charged me $150.
  3. Went out this morning and got a low tire alert for the the L rear. Haul out the compressor and fire it up. Get the gauge and it’s fine, not low at all. Stare at the truck for a while cause that usually fixes everything. On a hunch I go the Right side and yup, tires low with a big honkin’ nail. Get to the shop and repaired. my question, is there a way to recalibrate the sensors so they are actually picking up the correct tire?
  4. I got a build sheet pdf within 24 hours of requesting.
  5. You know, now that you bring this up I realize this is how I originally found the site. Good thinking.
  6. Thanks all! Just gonna send the vin to GM.com. This site rules, I wish the search topic was easier.
  7. Hey all. I’ve had my 2017 silverado LS for a month now, very happy. It didn’t come with a window sticker. Does anyone know a site I can plug the VIN # in and get a build sheet or vehicle description? I’ve found a couple but they wanna charge like $20 to give you the report. I’m specifically trying to find out what engine, it’s the 5.3 but is it the Vortec or Ecotec? Thanks in advance..
  8. Does anyone know if they put a special compound in tonneau covers that makes them irresistible to birds to want to sh*+t on them?? I mean come on, it’s like a big black bombing range on the back of my truck!
  9. I would get with all your buddies and find out how many hitches you can up with in varying drop. Even a 1\2" higher or lower can make all the difference. Is your hitch pin solid and snug? Ball tightened properly? Try towing with different drops and see if gets better or worse. Free options before taking your truck apart..
  10. I had a horrible dealer experience dealing with this issue. If any of you are under warranty you need to demand the dealership replace the HMI at the very least. A new head unit demand next if even a single issue arises after HMI. This an incredibly common problem amongst GM owners across all platforms. The dealers know the problem and they know the fix, they just put you off as long as possible because I’m guessing the parts are expensive even for the them. The problem will not fix itself, it will not just stop happening. Have you ever heard of a electronic device that has issues and just makes itself better. They can do the updates, they can reprogram but it’s a equipment issue. The equipment is faulty and will not self-correct. Pulling the fuse, disconnecting the battery, etc will be temporary fixes, not long term. if you are out of warranty you can try buying a HMI interface off EBay or elsewhere on the web. If you can’t get it preprogrammed you will need to take it in and have dealership or other service place do it. Probably gonna cost $150 for just the programming at dealership, stereo shop may be able to do it cheaper. Unfortunately if this doesn’t fix the issue you need a new head unit. I would absolutely not buy a used one, chances of it develop it he same issue is very high. New ones are like $800. Your final option is to go through a company like Cruthcfield. I love that place. I priced out a new head unit, face-plate, all wires and harnesses to use the trucks existing controls, steering wheel, menu’s, etc. I think the total was like $850. Don’t back down if your under warranty. Do some cursory searches and you will find a ton of vehicles with this problem. Print out 3-4 and take em with you. Hope this helps.
  11. I have under seat storage In my crew. I custom made a box for a shallow 10" and amp that fits inside the storage box. You would never know it’s there unless you lift the seat, whole complete setup cost me under $400.
  12. Don’t bother messing trying to fix it. It’s jacked up, either the head unit, HMI or both. Take it to the dealer and hope you’re under warranty. If not, make a huge scene about the broken crap that GM keeps installing. There are so many documented cases of these failing that you’re gonna get some help eventually. Trust me, just went through it..
  13. IMO, they don’t wanna do it. Probably a liability issue for them, if you get stuck and get pulled and something goes wrong. I have a 17, bought OEM take off’s from EBay for $39. No hardware included, I bought $30 of grade 8 hardware. Install took all of 45 minutes as I had to cut the holes in the lower bumper, wasn’t paying $170 for a piece of plastic that looks the exact same as my freshly cut piece.
  14. Minimal gains, especially in MPG cause most of us stomp it a little harder than we should to hear growl. Research K/N filter cleaning on internet or YouTube. You can buy a cleaning kit off Amazon. It’s vital you take care of things, especially the filter keeping it clean, properly oiled and secured. This is the only thing preventing massive amounts of debris entering your throttle and ultimately your engine.
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