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  1. I don’t have the version number. I know when mine did the update it was sitting way out in the middle of a parking lot with a clear sky. Wasn’t working correctly on my 15 min drive home. Parked in my driveway and went out 4-5 hours later to go somewhere and all was fine
  2. Problem remedied itself. Phone connected fine on my next drive
  3. Pretty annoying and I can’t seem to find a way to do the update again. Not sure if returning to factory settings would do anything or not
  4. My truck notified me this morning about an update for the infotainment system. Went ahead and let it do the update while I was in the gym. when I got in my truck my Bluetooth no longer works. My phone is no longer a recognized device and it won’t let me add any devices. Also when I plug my phone in Apple CarPlay no longer activates and the icon on my trucks screen is grey. When I tap it the screen flashes like its going to open the app and then nothing, just back to the home screen. Anyone else have anything like this? I’m assuming I’m not the only one that got an update this morning.
  5. I purchased the painted flares. And a local shop put them on as well as smoking the lights and painting everything else. Details plus collision in Indianola IA . Not sure why those pics are upside down. Sorry about that
  6. They disassembled them and wet sanded, primed and painted everything but the step tread. Also had them do the rear steps since they had them out to replace bumper.
  7. Unfortunately I got rear ended a couple weeks ago. Provided the perfect opportunity to have a little extra work done
  8. Did they pull the codes out of it? Doesn’t matter that the check engine light went off. The code is stored in the history.
  9. Well that’s wonderful. I haven’t looked yet but I’m assuming I have two holes in my front bumper that are off center. Pretty sad you can’t take a little more pride in your work
  10. Any one else’s front license plate not centered on their bumper or was my dealership just cross eyed. Just noticed it this morning. Wondering if there is a reason it offset to passenger side
  11. Unfortunately I got rear ended last night in my 1 month old Denali. So does anyone have a factory white Denali bumper they wanna sell? Obviously his insurance is gonna pay for the damages which will be a new bumper and exhaust. So it’d be sweet to find someone’s take off and just have them right me a check
  12. Ehhh I don’t believe this is correct. The 1500’s have the 2in lift but none of the HD’s do. Pretty sure my Denali is the same height as the At4’s
  13. Wow you guys got great interest rates. I have great credit and like I said.... was told that was the best available at the time. Purchased on December 26th
  14. Mine was 3.2. That was the lowest rate available. Wasn’t trough gm financial. I typically use my credit union but they beat them by 1% at least
  15. Sorry I wasn’t very clear. I still have factory keys. I just had them run the bolts in some to help the new rubber clear and take some of the rake out. But I think they went a little higher than I wanted. I’ve already taken some of it out. Just need to drive it tomorrow and let it settle. Then measure to make sure it’s even
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