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  1. Wow you guys got great interest rates. I have great credit and like I said.... was told that was the best available at the time. Purchased on December 26th
  2. Mine was 3.2. That was the lowest rate available. Wasn’t trough gm financial. I typically use my credit union but they beat them by 1% at least
  3. Sorry I wasn’t very clear. I still have factory keys. I just had them run the bolts in some to help the new rubber clear and take some of the rake out. But I think they went a little higher than I wanted. I’ve already taken some of it out. Just need to drive it tomorrow and let it settle. Then measure to make sure it’s even
  4. Sorry. 2020 gmc 2500 Denali duramax with snowplow prep package.
  5. Can anyone with factory ride height go and measure from bump stop to top of lower control arm. I had 295/65/20 nitto ridge grapplers put on this morning. While they had it I had them raise the front with the torsion bars. Only went up 3/4 of an inch on driver side and about an inch on passenger side as they were uneven. No rubbing as of yet but they want me to drive it let the suspension settle then come back in to raise or lower if I want then do alignment on it. I almost think I’m gonna have them lower maybe a 1/4 in as I like a tad bit of rake. But also wanna make sure I don’t eat up ride quality by having the bump stops to close to control arm. Thanks in advance
  6. Bought my Denali today with the ultimate package, 5th wheel prep, technology and snowplow prep. 13% below msrp and only had to drive and hour
  7. Please fill us in on where you are purchasing trucks at that big of a discount
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