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  1. I have the egr matte black one. I like it a bunch, five screws hold it on.
  2. Any pics of the setup? I’m interested to know what you did with the jack and tire iron as well. Also, does the box have an area built in for mounting the amp?
  3. Not the best pic again, but hey it’s a chrome front end Silverado with the nudge bar hah
  4. I know it’s not lifted and kinda a crappy pic but closest thing to mine I could find in a Silverado
  5. I got a 6” Procomp lift with rough country vertex shock/struts on 35x12.5 20’s Goodyear duratrac’s. Real happy with the setup, if I had know from the beginning, I would have just gone with the rough country 7” lift with the vertex from the beginning. And I can’t say enough about the duratrac’s, those in the pic have 40000 on them and still plenty of tread.
  6. Like others have said the bar for the Silverado is identical, just different script up front. They don’t come with the red backing plate behind the script anymore, but otherwise it is the same. I really like the look both because I already had the sport bar in back, but also it’s different enough to stand out from all the standard bull bars you see.
  7. So I went a different route, jacked the truck up with a 6” procomp lift and had their pro runner shocks/struts. Those shocks were great for about the first 12000 miles and then they got pretty rough. I changed out to the rough country vertex shocks/lifted struts and couldn’t be happier.
  8. That’s the thing that drove me to buy the vertex setup. I’m sure the fox or king shocks are better, but for the money, I feel you’d be hard pressed to find a better riding setup than the rough country vertex. The ability to adjust the ride stiffness is nice and I appreciate being able to go softer on daily commutes but still able to stiffen it up for off road or towing purposes. I have no complaints so far, we will see how they hold up over time.
  9. I’ve also got the vertex shocks/struts installed and can say I’m much happier now. Had procomp pro runners before and the difference is night and day.
  10. Installed the nudge bar today and relocated the parking sensors while I was at it, really happy with how it all came out!
  11. Thank ya very much, the color is what drew me to the truck, real happy with how it turned out
  12. Like that led grille on there, looks good, might need to get one myself......
  13. 6” pro comp lift, later I swapped out my shocks/struts with the rough country vertex and I’m much more happy
  14. Thanks, once I locate a set of side rails, I’ll definitely hit ya up
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