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  1. Hey Chris, if I buy a brand new cluster do I still need to have it programmed? P/n 84385168 installing in a 2018 Silverado
  2. Has anyone done a bumper swap and adding factory fogs to their truck? I found a factory bumper on the cheap for $100 and am going to embark on doing the swap in a few months when it gets warmer, im hoping the mount points are there under the existing no fog light bumper. Any help anyone?
  3. Instead of going through a big mod for this why not just use the cigarette lighter plug on the back of the console and add a dual USB charger plug or remove the factory plug completely and replace it with a 2 port receptacle?
  4. Hey Phill, I see you added a heated steering wheel in your Mods list, was it plug and play for you or do you need to add a special harness? I would LOVE that feature on my truck as I miss that feature most from my RAM that I had previously.
  5. Hey Guys, so just a question if my truck didn't have the 110v outlet isntalled before the console swap, will the wireless charging on the console lid not work as well? I knew the plug in the console wouldn't work but I've found the wireless charger also does not work and just wondering if it is related. Thanks
  6. So thanks to pgamboa's facebook post I found that my 2018 has synthesis for the trim color (Hopefully). I found the GM part numbers for the upper tray piece with the usb ports, outlets and cupholder; 84092079 for reverse tartan and 84092080 for synthesis. About $140 online. I ordered it and hopefully i got it right.
  7. Got my console dropped in today, found it at a local scrapyard for only $145! Cheapest I've seen these on eBay is for $600 so it must be a Christmas miracle! Another $180 for the required cables including pgamboa's harness and I'll be rocking down the road all good to go! Shame that they dont offer just the trim pieces, guess I'll have to carbon fiber wrap them or something. Big thanks to pgamboa for the YouTube vid and making the harnesses for these. So excited my big monster truck finally has a console, it was the one missing link!
  8. Does anyone know what the part numbers are for the synthesis pieces? I cant find them ANYWHERE!!
  9. Hey everyone, I am about to take the dive into the center console swap. I ordered my used console from a salvage yard and it comes with the "wood" trim on the sides. Does anyone know the part numbers for the left and right sides to get the silver finish pieces? I've looked on the thread here and cant seem to find part numbers for just those pieces. Appreciate the help!!
  10. Hey so whatever happened with your issue because I am having the same problem, 2018 Silverado; 6" lift and it goes to the dealer in 3 days to diagnose...
  11. Ok, that works perfect for the power end of things, what about the cable that plugs into the back for the aux switches or is it already there in the dash? I really appreciate the help!
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