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  1. Well, I've had this upgrade for a while and ran into my first issue. I do take my truck to the car wash every now and then, and never had any issues, but this time water actually got into the camera. Now i can't see anything other than a blurred picture. I'm going to try to use a heat gun to see if i can dry it out some how. Anyone have any suggestions. In the mean time I've been looking around for the lamp and camera assembly just in case i can't get the moisture out.
  2. I believe he is asking if your can add both to a truck that doesn't have them. I might be wrong, but the bedview is part of a package and can't be added as a stand alone like the rearview camera.
  3. I did this install about 3 month ago. Here's what I got: P/N: 13536995 Mirror (Ordered New from a GM Parts Website because the "take off" I got from eBay came DOD) P/N: 84487008 High Mount Lamp (Got the entire spoiler, lamp, camera, and harness from eBay but they now sell just the lamp, camera, and harness for a hundred bucks less ) P/N: 84335461 Cable (Order from Amazon) The only issue I had was removing the rear clips from the headliner. I tore one of them by mistake.
  4. I just hit 12,000 miles and the same noise started. My truck sounds like an old squeaky truck coming down the road. The squeak is coming from the driver's side rear. At least when I take it in, I have the service bulletin so they can't give me any trouble.
  5. I might need to try this since my 2019 driver's side rear is squeaking like an old truck. I only have 12,000 miles on it. I'm afraid if I take it to the dealer they will probably do the same thing and be without a truck for a day or 2.
  6. Well, I finally had a weekend off to do the install, but after reading about some DOA parts i said I better test them first before pulling down the whole headliner. As it turns out, the mirror I thought I got a great deal on won't even power up. I know its not the connector because I already had purchased an auto dim mirror when I got the truck and it works perfect. I guess I should get a new part instead of a take off part. Now I wait for the refund before I get the new one.
  7. I got my mirror today, already have the cable, now just waiting on the spoiler with the brake light and camera. I should get it on Monday, so I guess it will be another week before I install it. I was tempted to get the Gen 1 mirror, but the Gen 2 mirror had more updates that include: Frameless Design Increased brightness adjustments, from 3 to 5 Zoom function Tilt/position adjustment (of camera) Increase in the screen and camera resolutions from 1280×240 pixels (Gen 1) to 1440×300 pixels (Gen 2)
  8. So has anyone confirmed that the Gen 1 mirrors don't work with our truck's?
  9. I agree, 1200 is a lot for this mod. So far I have found the stop light and spoiler on Ebay for 224 and the cable on amazon for 35. I'm currently searching for the mirror but no luck on Ebay or amazon. The Cadillac one is slightly cheaper but still in the 500 dollar range. I guess I will buy the other 2 first and wait for a good camera deal or a good bonus at work. ?
  10. Thanks! It worked perfectly. Looks very nice with it! I was thinking of getting the illuminated emblem, but I saw one in town, and it looked a different shade of color and it wasn't as bright. My 2016 Camaro had the same issue with the color and brightness.
  11. I just got the OEM one and it didn't come with instructions, but do you really need to remove the grill to install it?
  12. So has anyone confirmed that these will fit or not on a 2019?
  13. Did anyone figure this out? My 2016 Camaro displayed and read my text messages, but my new 2019 Silverado does not? I haven't tried Android Auto, but I'm guessing that's what they want us to use instead of the bluetooth capability that was offered in previous years.
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