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  1. Issue was solved. I started going through all of the fusees and found that one was missing. no idea how it was working before, If you need to know which one ill look hope this helps someone! p.s i made a jig to make them fit and they work perfect ! no issues at all.
  2. One more thing to note, i tried again tonight and found something else. when i press the button to turn the dome light off or on it turns most of my lights that are not working back on again. They are a little bit dim but they are on.
  3. My issue is a little bit different however none the less an annoying one. So yesterday i bought some led bulbs off amazon to replace the dome lights in my truck, i got them opened them up all looks good and then go to put them in, and as i did they turned on not an issue however they where to small so i have to return them, i put the old one back in and not lights in the dash and dome lights are acting up. So it was the left front one i tried it in and took it back out no others. Now none of the lights turn on by the button inside the truck. (door lights and turning them on by the small switch which turns them all on works just fine. when the door is open i can now turn the light off by pressing the button. now those issues are a little less of a bother to me, however the radio (which still works perfect) now has no lights, same with the driver info center buttons 4wd actuator light and the lights on the steering wheel lights. All the buttons however still work perfect it is just the lights. Any help is much appreciated ! Truck is a 2008 GMC sierra 2500HD SLE Diesel crew cab long box
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