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  1. What I did is to purchase a Borla Model 40359 muffler, ditched the flapper and left the resonators. If you cover all six resonators it gets pretty loud and has some drone under load. I hit pay dirt using 1 and 1/2 resonators covered on each side. To cover them I used: Thermo Tec 13575 12" x 24" Adhesive Backed Heat Barrier Thermal Pad Mat Tape NEW purchased on fleabay. It can be cut to size and wrapped around them. No slippage.
  2. I bought a Borla 40359, deleted the flapper and covered the resonators and it sounds awesome. Deep rumble which I prefer. The muffler shop that replaced the muffler said it would be same as factory. Ha. The Borla muffler is much "louder" and not obnoxious.
  3. Front doors are 35% Windshield 80%, rear doors and rear window 80%.
  4. Purchased a 2020 TB and wanted to install true duals but just can't swing it at the moment, sooooooo I installed a Borla muffler, deleted the flapper and covered the resonators. Love the sound. It's a deep rumble and sounds good even with the DFM. I'm an old coot and don't want any ear drum damaging exhaust. My hearing is already bad enough. P.S. It's the Borla 40359.
  5. I just spoke with Dave Cortez at Eibach in regards to their height adjustable shocks specifically for the 2020 TB. He said they need to test the shock on that model truck and have not had the opportunity to do so. Eibach is in Corona, CA. If there is anyone reading this in Corona you might give him a call. He needs a stock TB to test. You might get a pair of free shocks out of it. Dave 951-256-8414
  6. Great post. One thing I use for cleaning windows is newspaper. Yep, just the pages with ink on them. Not the shiny inserts. Way cheap and your windows will be spotless. I don't use it over any aftermarket tint but any factory glass, clear or tinted is good to go. The paper has the absorption and "abrasiveness" to do a fantastic job. Try it one time. You'll be hooked.
  7. I've had a bunch of Chevrolet pickups in the past. I bought a 2020 Trail Boss and the truck and the truck is debaged. Being from the old school I thought the Silverado badge on the door looked pretty cool (yeah I know). In any event, I purchased some of the domed badges and now don't know exactly where to place them. The pinhead that sold them to me (online) didn't include any instructions. I could go to the dealer and try to measure one but I'm way to old to try and run away when security sees me kneeling next to a $60,000 truck. Anyhoo....I'd appreciate an approximate area on the door.
  8. Thanks for the quick reply. It's not live. Anyway to tell if it's already there (other than crunching and black smoke pouring out of my ducts)?
  9. New to the forum but not to GM trucks. Have owned about 35 1500s . Currently own a 2018 Silverado crew cab. In any event, today while messing around in the cab of the truck a piece of brass (oddly shaped- like 5.56 stuff-ahem) went flying down the defrost vent. It rattled around a bit and then quieted down after hitting a few bumps. My question isn't so much as how to retrieve the item but whether or not it will affect the blower motor. I would really prefer not to burn that up at this time. Maybe after a 100,000 miles or so. Anywhooo, I'd appreciate any comments regarding the motor issue or even removal of the item as long as I don't have to remove the dash, etc. TIA
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