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  1. Bought that same grill, except with the lights. Big mistake. Was given directional brackets for the mounts and got same side brackets for both lights. Fast forward a few week’s and received more brackets that were universal. Still didn’t work. Needless to say, I wish I had bought the one without lights.
  2. I have something similar coming from the rear when slowly navigating the driveway, speed bumps, or uneven roads.
  3. And that oil comes out like a waterfall. Have a deep pan. Ask me how I know. LOL.
  4. I got mine at about 25% off MSRP in October ‘19.
  5. I’ve towed a 3400 lb car on a Uhaul auto transport. Fuel economy dropped to 13-14 mpg. Drove on the interstate and had plenty of power throughout the range and had plenty of passing power.
  6. So I bought my 19 with the 2.7T LT 2WD this last October. I now have 17k miles. I average 19-20 mpg with my daily driving and Uber. I have taken road trips with just passenger payload and luggage and can get 22-24 depending on where I keep my speed. Not long ago, I hauled an 03 CTS on a Uhaul auto transport on the interstate. I still averaged 13-14 mpg going 60-70 mph. Plenty of torque to get the trailer moving and keep it going on the highway. Plenty of power to pass on the highway as well. I thought I had made a mistake going with the turno4, but now that I have put 17k miles on it, I couldn’t be happier. Sometimes I wish I did get the V8, but I remember the reasoning for buying the turbo4. Coming off a 2003 Ram 1500 4.7, this Silverado already outdoes my old truck. So it meets my needs. I don’t haul all the time nor do I off-road.
  7. Same thing. 2019, bought new in Oct ‘19. 17,000 miles and all recalls taken care of. Still have brake pedal feedback when lightly pushing the brake pedal.
  8. I bought my 19 Silverado in Oct 2019. I have 17,000 miles on it as I no longer ride my motorcycle. I didn’t realize just how much I was on the road until I didn’t use my Harley to go everywhere. Anyway, I am pretty happy with my truck. Combined driving, I’m seeing 19-20 mpg consistently as I tend to spend much time driving in the city. In the city is where the truck makes its money in fuel economy. A V8 couldn’t get the same fuel economy in the city. coming off my trusted 2003 Ram 1500, 4.7 that I had for 15 years, definitely an upgrade. This turbo 4 has more power and torque than my Ram. It blows the fuel economy doors wide open in comparison. I hauled a mid sized sedan on an auto transport with my 2.7 and managed 13-14 in the interstate going 60-70 mph. My Ram got that without a payload on the highway.
  9. I plan on just painting mine with a vinyl/plasti-dip paint. It’s cheap and will allow me to see if I’d like how the blacked out chrome looks. Should be posting pics later today.
  10. Has anyone ever wondered why they put LED tail lights on the custom and not the LT? I don’t know if they have them on the RST and higher trims, but I definitely don’t have it on my LT.
  11. I bought my 2019 new back in October. I now have 16K miles on it. Didn’t know if I had made a mistake by not going with the 5.3. After the time I have spent with it, I have towed a 3400 lb car on a uhaul auto transport. Needless to say, the 2.7 was more than capable. I averaged 13-14 on a 3 hour trip driving 60-70 mph on tow/haul mode on the interstate. I can get 22 mpg @ 70-80 mph when driving without a payload. If I keep it at 60-65, I can push 24. City driving I can get 20-21 depending on traffic. Uber puts my truck though a mixture of hwy/cty/idling; when I Uber, I’ll get 17-19 due to longer idling periods. All in all, I don’t have any regrets. It meets my needs and I don’t have to pay the premiums for the V8 or a baby Duramax.
  12. So, I’d like to play devil’s advocate. I have a 19 Silverado 2.7T with nothing more than a high flow stock air filter and premium motor oil (I’ll leave it at that as this discussion will spiral really quick. Lol) I see the dyno charts on the afe website. All the power gains seem to be at RPMs my vehicle will never spend time at (3500-4500). So how would I benefit from something like this? My previous truck had a CAI and exhaust, and I seemed to lose so much on the low end. I ended up going back to an OEM exhaust and gained my bottom end back. I care more about usable power than max power.
  13. I hadn’t even seen that. I found 4wd strut assembly take-offs on eBay for $100. Figured it was worth a shot.
  14. Just a question. Can the strut assemblies off a 19 4wd Silverado fit a 19 RWD? Pictures look the same. I understand they may just be taller. i tried the 2” level blocks up front, but causing rattling issues on gravel roads or roads with lots of little pot holes. I can hit a speed bump or dip with no noise. But those little variances on the road cause a rattle noise now. attached is a photo of the 4wd strut assemblies. Looks exactly like the RWD, but looks like a heftier spring.
  15. I purchased a 19 Silverado LT with the 2.7 turbo 4. I had the same hesitating issue at coming to a stop with 4,000 miles on it. Took it to the dealer, they said it was a transmission sensor. Waiting on said sensor to come in for repair.
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