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  1. I used a product from Gtechniq, the base coat was their CSL and two additional coats of their EXOv4. Their customer service was great, very helpful. The product was easy to put on. It has only been on for two weeks, it is supposed to last for 5 years. I just posted pictures of my truck in the photo thread
  2. Picked up my truck at the end of January, waited until now to post photos. Added the nfab epyx running boards, black chrome gorilla system lug nuts and did the Gtechniq CSL black ceramic coating
  3. Mine was built the week of December 30th, ready for ship on January 7th, shipped on January 14th, arrived in Texas January 21st, delivered to the dealer the same day, picked up the 24th
  4. My original order date was back in August, GM was focusing on 4wd diesel regular bed trucks before he strike so my gas rwd long bed was not picked up by GM until after the second week of November.
  5. Dealership called me last night, the truck is at the dealership now. Looks like it came off the train a day early and made it to the dealership the same day. Will get it either Friday or Saturday!
  6. My TPW was December 30, had the factory spray in bed liner done and it was ready for shipment January 7th. It was loaded on the train January 14th, scheduled delivery is January 22nd. Probably take a week or two to get it to the dealership, then they will take a day or two to do their prep before I can pick it up. The unknown is from the time it comes off the train and when it gets to the dealership.
  7. I went with this dealership because they offered 1,500 below msrp and every other dealership wouldn't budge off of the msrp
  8. The deposit is up to the dealership, some that I talked to required 1,000 down. The dealership that I ordered from wanted nothing down so I put no deposit on the order. The dealership is telling me that the deals that are offered on the vehicles will be the same deal that I can get on my truck. I will find out if this is true in a couple of weeks, my truck is waiting to be shipped from Flint
  9. I believe that we have ordered trucks from the same dealership. I got my TPW this week, it is scheduled for the week o December 30th. Not sure that is going to happen, I expect it will be built early January, then will have to see how long to delivery. Truck is a 2500 gas long bed SLT
  10. I ordered a gas Sierra hd SLT in August, between constraints and allocations it took until this week it moved to 2000, I still don't have a TPW.
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