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  1. So my LT Trail Boss was due at the dealer on Feb. 3. It got held up for inspection and has been sitting at the train station in Ohio. Supposed to be in California the 18th and then a few days up to my dealer. I wish I knew how it pulled. But no truck to pull anything! Will keep you posted though.
  2. Damn - I have been trying to find multiple picture to see how they look. What did you end up going with?
  3. Does anyone have the combination of the Elevate Truck rack along with the Backflip MX4 tonneau?
  4. I just don't want then quality of the normal ride to change. I only use it about 5% of the time when pulling my travel trailer. thanks again for the responses. My truck is due at the dealer on Monday! First thing I will do is hook it up to my trailer with weight distribution hitch and see how it sags.
  5. I definitely don't want sag but that's what my weight distribution hitch is for. Anyway I'll give it a try in 2 weeks when my truck gets here. Thanks for the response.
  6. Are Air bags really needed for a 6,000lb trailer? My LT Trials boss with 6.2 is coning in 2 weeks. I pull a trailer which weights around 7,000 lbs loaded. As long as the tongue weight isn't too much and I have a weight distribution hitch I shouldn't need air bags, correct? I pulled the same trailer with a tundra and no air bags needed. Advice is greatly appreciated.
  7. My 2020 Silverado LT Trail boss with 6.2 is coming in next month and I am looking for side steps. Has anyone purchased the Westin HDX Extreme sisde steps?
  8. I ordered an Lt Trail Boss with a 6.2 on December 5th No dealers have them yet but will in a month or 2.
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