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  1. Thanks for this review, it was very helpful! I’m currently trying to decide if I go this direction or try to fit the 2020 GM tow mirrors. The K Source ones are looking good, I think those are what I will go with if I decide to go the clip on route.
  2. This is what I have, it fits and works very well. https://www.amazon.ca/Vehicle-OCD-Console-Organizer-Silverado/dp/B07N9XPTVD/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2XQ908DYKXR2I&keywords=center+console+organizer+tray+for+2019+gmc+sierra+1500&qid=1579196629&replacementKeywords=center+console+organizer+tray+for&sprefix=2019+sierra+center+t%2Caps%2C167&sr=8-1&vehicle=2019-48-548------------&vehicleName=2019+GMC+Sierra+1500
  3. Thanks for the update! Fingers crossed that once they are in-stock it will work. And that if it needs flashing from the dealer they will actually be willing to do it...
  4. I'm picking mine back up from the dealer today, I had just brought it back to the dealer this morning for the second time since the recalls. From the post above I'm in the third camp, both times my lights have shown up it was after starting the truck from the app. After restarting the truck 3 times all the lights go away (including the CEL). Mine seems to act normal after the restarts and I have not tried to drive it with the engine lights on. Also this morning the a audible message came on in the truck from On-star stating something along the lines of not all onstar fe
  5. I've had this happen to me twice since the recalls (2019/12/18), including after the first "fix" attempt done on 2019/12/31. Both times it has happened when using the app, however when I brought it in the second time there was no mention to not use the app. If I turn the truck on an off a couple of time it clears all the codes including the CEL, and brakes feel normal. I have not tried driving it with the codes still showing. As it happened the second time last night I will be calling the dealer this morning. I will also be calling onstar to cancel my app and request a
  6. Well I had it happen for the second time (service esc light etc, this was after taking it back to the dealer for the “fix” to be done. If you restart the truck a couple times it clears, no CEL seems to stay triggered. Seems the GM app is the one doing it for me. I’ll be calling the dealing and onstar tomorrow as I want a refund for the service I am paying for that is causing the truck issues...
  7. Thanks for posting the updates about the TSB! I had the recalls done early on and did have the 3 warnings come up. After restarting the truck 3 times all codes cleared, including the CEL. I still brought it into the dealer on 2019/12/31 as this is very concerning, and it sounds like this is what they did. I found it quite odd when they said my battery charge was a bit low, does that mean an alternator recall could be coming for not charging properly or a batch of bad batteries? When my messages came up I had started my truck with the GM app which seeing on there is worr
  8. Thanks for posting this! Very interested to see how it goes with the harness installation as I’m planning on doing this in the spring.
  9. I had this happening as well. I found if you push up on the tailgate after pressing the button it will work.
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