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  1. I just got my 2021 AT4 and was getting this same message and unlocking the SD card did the trick. My question is why was it locked to begin with, is this something the dealer did inadvertently or did it come from the assembly line this way. Anyway, my problem is fixed thanks for the post.
  2. Just got mine updated with TSB #20-NA-221 and life is good. Skipping is gone, apps are working. GM Tech told me that there were a number of things this fixed, even some issue with touch screen calibration.
  3. Just got my new 2021 GMC AT4 and having another strange issue with the infotainment system. I have radio station favorites set and when I use the controls on the back side of the steering wheel to change the station it does not do what you would expect. Sometimes when I push the down button the station selection goes up and when I press the up button the radio selection goes down. The other thing it does is it sometime seems to jump over stations as well almost like with a computer pressing the page up or page down button. It is very annoying since I am trying to go to the next favorite in my list it jumps over it. I don't know if I am explaining this good or not but if you have experience it you will know it. I am taking it back to the dealer for the infotainment TSB #20-NA-221, hopefully it has more bug fixes in it that what is listed.
  4. I can confirm that the 2021 AT4 with all the bells and whistles still does not come with auto rain sensing wipers. Why, I don't know. I had a 2015 F150 Lariat that had it, it should be standard in these higher end trucks especially for what they cost.
  5. I am having the exact issue that is explained in TSB# 20-NA-2231, you can find it in this forum. The problem with these new vehicles is there is some much technology I feel that mechanics just can't keep up or understand everything that goes on, and especially when everything is software managed. This is by no means any disrespect for the mechanics out there, it is just that software developers sit in their own world, a perfect world, and when the software gets rolled out things change. I just wish there was a way to contact the manufactures directly to share these issues with so that they can get the issues directly from the users. Enough ranting I hope that this TSB fixes the current issue fo the apps not loading but I hope there is more in the fix that corrects this skipping issue as well.
  6. Just picked up my 2021 AT4 and I have the same issue. I am also having another issue with the infotainment system that apparently is fixed in TSB #20-NA-221 maybe it will address this issue along with the issue of the APPS application not working.
  7. Just saw the notice here and just called the dealer, mine is going in on Saturday. Fingers crossed that they have fixed this issue.
  8. This is not good news, when I picked mine up on Monday the service department informed me that GM techs instructed that the issue was due to battery drain during the software load recharging the battery would correct the problem. I was and still am skeptical of that since driving the vehicle would essentially charge the battery. I guess we are all still in holding pattern waiting on GM. Very frustrating, especially with something so critical as your brakes, kind of need them!
  9. Nothing that I could see either looking at the website, my OnStar module is on a pervious version from what you stated above. I also checked the MyChevy app and still getting the same error message, “No server response received. Your request may have completed successfully. (705_3)”. Lets hope in the 807 release for the Infotainment system fixes the volume issue with iPhone and the issue where no sound comes out unless you change the radio source or channel after starting the truck.
  10. Just picked up my trunk from dealer this afternoon. Service department stated that GM techs have posted, on a internal site, that after the brake controller software is loaded the battery needs to be re-charged, nothing about reloading software or anything else needing to be done. I find this kind of strange since driving the vehicle should charge the battery and it started fine after the initial update. I was a little hesitant to take the truck however everything seems to be fine so far, there will be a lawsuit if not! I just logged into the MyChevy app and getting a error message, which is odd because I unlocked the truck with the app earlier when I picked it up from the dealer so something is going on with the MyChevy app now. They might be zeroing in on something, lets hope they figure it out quickly, otherwise I will be looking for a credit from OnStar.
  11. This exact issue happened to me last night. My wife and I went out to dinner, and I started the truck using the MyChevy app to warm up. When I got into the truck I noticed a bunch of dash lights lite up, just like in some of the pictures on this post (I also attached the picture I took). When I pressed the start button all of the lights remained on. I shut the truck off and immediately started it agin but all of the lights were still on. Not knowing what was going on I decided to drive it home, about 16 miles from where we were. When I went to pull out of the parking lot I noticed that my breaks were like a 1960’s truck with no power brakes, and I almost went through an intersection. I took it to the dealer this morning and lets see what they say. I just had all the recalls done one week ago on Dec 27th. After reading all of these posts I am not too confident that anything will get done right away. I was a long time F150 owner and decided to go to the dark side when the Trailboss came out. I love the truck but I can honestly say this was the scariest thing I have ever experienced in a vehicle. I am just waiting to hear what they say and then I will get ready to file my complaint with GM, probably for that to fall on deaf ears. May have to go back to a Ford if they don’t get this straightened out quickly!
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