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  1. What type of flush do you recommend for a truck at 50-70,000 miles? Some have said that a pan drop and filter change is enough. A buddy of mine recommended a flush and refill with BG products.
  2. Yeah that's what I figured out. They are "mix and match". I'm getting used to it.
  3. I figured it out. Just took me a few minutes of staring at it, haha.
  4. Just in case anyone starts having this issue... https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2019/MC-10163854-9999.pdf There's your golden ticket. Just had mine done last week. I was sure it was an AFM lifter failure, turns out it was #3 and #5 injectors gone bad. Keeping the notice for when the others go out...
  5. Hey guys, thinking of trying to prolong the life of this 2016 Suburban I just got. Pretty sure the trans has never been touched on it and I'm at 65,000 miles at the moment. A buddy of mine recommended the "BG Transmission Fluid" service, which is essentially a tranny flush but they add chemicals to clean the tranny then replace it with their own proprietary synthetic fluid. Apparently, if I paid for this service, they offer some kind of warranty where they will pay $1000 toward transmission repairs for the life of the vehicle as long as I continue to get the service every 30,000 miles. Anyway, just wondering if anyone has had experience with this "BG" stuff and what the outcome was, or if any of the GM techs here could weigh in. I could just do a pan drop and filter change. Or I could just not touch it! I do plan to keep the truck for the next 5 years or so.
  6. Sounds like a Jake Brake! haha cool if you ask me! No really, I'd be interested to hear if you confirm it's this valve. Looking at disabling my AFM and if I do, probably won't need the valve any longer. tlaw91 do you see a lot of these failing?
  7. I owned my 2016 for 24 hours and had to return it for a misfire. The question remains what was causing it. Could be a collapsed AFM lifter, could be bad fuel injector(s). Needless to say, not off to a good start and a Google search will reveal that these trucks have relatively common issues with the aforesaid items, which run into the many thousands to replace. Good luck, make sure you check over whatever you buy VERY well before you sign on the line.
  8. Thank you that is helpful. At least I know the oil in it is the right viscosity.
  9. Yeah I spent about 6 hours on this site and immediately ordered a Range AFM disabler for my 2016 Suburban. Thank goodness for places like this.
  10. It would appear that fuel injectors are a relatively common failure point on the direct injection GM V8's starting in 2014-ish and can cause misfire issues (and therefore a CEL). It would also appear that fuel injectors, for whatever reason, are not covered under the GM factory warranty. I learned this after owning one of these trucks for one day.
  11. I can definitely vouch for that. Seems like these things really do want to be beaten up!
  12. Well, I'd still be interested to hear your opinion on my situation. PM me if you want.
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