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  1. I'm late to the trough here... but I just got my Silverado LTZ Z71 in December 2019. I have kept a diary of issues with it now being near the end of January. Lane Keep Assist appears to not work in weather colder than -10C, primarily in morning commutes. In afternoon as weather warms a little it works. All sensors and cameras appear clean and clear of frost, snow, ice, dirt, etc..... Also having issues now with transmission slipping. I was asked to wait a few weeks before booking an appointment with Dealer to see if patterns develop.... This is what I have so far. Other than SiriusXM doesn't work in any kind of adverse weather such as rain, light snow, etc.... No other vehicles I have ever owned had this XM issue. In fact this is the worse reception I have ever had. I wonder if the antenna is a cheaper version of previous ones. My 4th vehicle with XM and previous ones had signal even in built up cities with dense high rises.... not this one. XM advises it is the radio unit and not from their end. We shall see what Dealer says.
  2. I have been keeping a diary of events since this started and the primary issues revolve around Sirius XM reception, lane keep assist system unavailable or not operating appropriately, park assist going offline, and the DIC freezing..... I'm thinking it is a simple software issue for some, and I look forward to hearing what the techs can tell me. I remain reluctantly hopeful it gets resolved quickly and easily. Love the truck...
  3. THANKS Richard!!!!!!!! I have printed your advisement and will look into it! In fact I will have the dealership provide written confirmation that these have all been addressed. Looks like a few might explain some of the unusual anomalies I have experienced.
  4. I bought my 2019 Silverado LTZ Z71 a couple of weeks ago. I am just into the third week.... and I have started a diary of the issues.... LOVE the truck but there are a few bugs to get sorted out. Sirius XM cuts out. Infotainment system and DIC go black while driving and reboot.... etc etc.... Today the Lane Keep Assist dropped off, and yes when I tried the button on the console I was advised it is unavailable.... I cleaned all of the front and rear sensors, tossing quarters at the can for a solution, and the system seemed to have become operable... until I tested it pushing over a painted lane line. No warning came.... tested it a few more times, and nothing.... So I am really glad I found this forum and posting..... I have already been in conversation with the dealer about a recall that came out in November that hadn't been addressed before the sale.... and will be sharing my diary of events with them before the appointment. I was hoping it was a matter of reflashing the software; but I'm glad there are known solutions. Thanks all for sharing.
  5. Seems my concerns are shared here.... and it comes down to battery performance. At least for me and relative to my car/truck only. My harley needs to remain gas fired, because.... well, I'm old school that way and it wouldn't be a harley without that potato potato potato sound at idle.... Anyway, my truck... when the automotive industry has a power supply that will provide full operation for 1000 to 1500 miles (not kilometers), with either a 15 minute recharge or quick swap to a second battery ~ then I'm in. Until then, the range for the current battery systems is just inadequate; for both cars and motorcycles..... I travel. I go coast to coast, on my bike each year, and in my truck..... I think that says it all.
  6. Guess I'm late joining into this conversation, however..... Just bought a 2019 Silverado LTZ Z71. I am not overly impressed with the headlight performance. The low beam is adequate. The high beam doesn't provide much further visibility than the low beam does. In fact I have driven home (20 miles / 32 Km) on a dark night, with my high beams on to test them, and not 1 car flashed at me.... none of them... and typically if your fog lights aren't on, people flash.... the fog lights seem to be the only indicator to many that high beams aren't in use. I don't have that problem at all..... With lonely dark rural roads, I want spectacular high beams to see the deer well in advance. My previous trucks (2015 Silverado and 2007 Colorado) both had amazing headlight performance. Wondering if that is the difference between HID and LED performance. Anyone else experiencing this?
  7. I am having this issue as well.... and I have lost signal during a light snowfall. I contacted Sirius and they told me this is NOT normal, and that it needs to be resolved by the Dealer likely through a radio replacement. I would contact yours to discuss, and have a diary of 'events' if possible.,....
  8. I just bought a 2019 Silverado Z71 on Dec. 13th. Since then the infotainment system has gone black and rebooted while driving 4 times. I have lost XM reception 3 times in what I would call gentle adverse weather.... in other words clouds and light snow or rain.... I have had the nav system units change to imperial from metric as well as lost all of my settings on a couple of occasions..... Also had the driver console that shows the chevy bowtie when you enter the vehicle stutter and go blurry but correct as I pushed the start button.... so far all situations have corrected by shutting the truck down, and then restarting. I contacted Sirius XM about the reception issue. They advised that the dealer/manufacturer needs to replace the radio and antennae system as signal should not be lost in inclement weather..... Seeing as this is only one issue with the infotainment system and onboard displays, I contacted the Dealership. They have asked I wait a couple of weeks and document to see if there are any patterns.... Fingers crossed it is just a hassle free swap but who knows.
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