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  1. I am going to pick my truck up from the dealer now. They have had it for 4 weeks as of today and i been driving a base model 1500 loaner. Both times mine malfunctioned was after the recall, and i used my app to start. I plan on just using the key fob to start for the next month, and if no issues then ill try the app again.
  2. Has it happened again since? Both times my 2019 LTZ did it, was when i used my phone to start the truck. Never had an issue with my app starting the truck until the dealing performed the brake recall. Been driving a loaner truck for 3 weeks!
  3. I have had the same issue on my brand new 2019 LTZ still driving the loaner truck after 3 weeks. Never had any problems till they did the brake software update and i only have 3100 miles on it. Mine did it twice after the update both times i started with my phone.
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