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  1. LOL everyone knows a real man needs an 8` box for doing truck things.regular box is for mall crawlers.
  2. I guess that means the dealer is a source for 3;73`s for guys looking to regear.
  3. That`s an great run Red highcountry.What is your launch technique?
  4. Got my truck back this evening.Brand new rear window(e4) installed.There is a couple paint chips on the edge of the spoiler where it meets the rear window and the driver side c pillar trim looks like they dragged it around the parking lot.Service dept. was closed when i picked up my truck so brought the general manager out to see .She has assured me the issues will be taken care of.I`ll be on holiday for a couple weeks come friday so will see when I get back.
  5. 2019 GMC sierra AT4.Fort Wayne build.E2 rear window.Purchased in mar.2019.Not sure of build date.
  6. Hello everyone.Great forum you got here.My truck went in thursday morning for rear window leak and a couple recalls.Dealership called that afternoon and said the frame was cracked and they had a new window on order.Hopefully get truck back early this comming week.I'll let you all know how it turns out.
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