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  1. I also had the problem with the dirty ground connections under the dash but cleaning them didn't resolve my issue. ASlthough it might have prevented a later one so thanks! What I found to be the problem in my truck with a now 3 weeks clean bill of health was a bad grounf connection behind the right front wheel well. Save yourself some money and maybe your life by cleaning up this connection. the factory connected this ground over paint and undercoating thus rendering it useless. My daily issues have been gone since cleaned three weeks ago, simple fix. Good luck
  2. I had similar shutoff issues with my 2015 Silverado. I followed instructions to check the two ground wires connections under the dash, sure enough they had some insulation stuck under both sides. I cleaned them up and though I had fixed the issue..... Unfortunately not! the truck continued to reset and shutoff while driving. Then I found this ground wire behind the right front wheel well. I removed it to find that the undercoating was between it and the ground wire!!!! hello GM!! I cleaned it all of of the connector and the truck and reconnected. 3 weeks later what was a daily issue has not re-surfaced. hope this helps some of you, this is a dangerous problem. Jeff
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