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  1. My god. What a sic truck what kind/size lift and wheel offset are you running?
  2. I just blacked mine out yesterday. Easy job and will cost you $10 max
  3. Thanks, man. All the chrome looked good with the chrome bumpers and wheels, but my goal is to lift, and swap to black wheels so my personal taste is to black it all out. Fingers crossed the end result looks like how I envision it in my head! Lol
  4. Thank you. I’ve used it on wheels before and they’re still in great condition 4 years later. I anticipate any issues to be with the front and rock chips, etc. $5 in costs and a few hours, I figure it’s worth a shot.
  5. Have been so tired of the chrome on my new truck, so I've started the process of blacking all the chrome out. Took about 4 hours today, but I completed the emblems, side mirror caps, and running boards. Here's a YouTube video I created if anyone's interested.
  6. I’ll take a look. Quad 4” tips. Anyone know the inlet sizing, or does that matter ?
  7. Looks great. Get rid of the rest of that chrome. Saw these online today while looking for door handle covers.
  8. Anyone know if these quad tips in black can be purchased separate ? Would love to add them to my setup.
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