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  1. Passing along another possible carbon pro bed cover that installed without taking a hole saw or major modification to the truck bed. I really like the security of having a hard cover and like others have mentioned I don't like how other covers fold up and obstruct your view if you have something in the bed. I saw peragon's cover and figured it was worth a shot especially after reading this post and watching their install videos on the non-clamping version of the cover. I got the Peragon cover https://www.peragon.com/ and, again, ordered the non-clamping version. Additional items you'll need: 4 x J Nuts (this is a pack of 25) 4 x M6 Bolt (this is a pack of 25) 2 x 5/16" -18 Coupling Nut These were $5 a piece at my local ace hardware 2 x1 1/2" to 2" Length 5/16" -18 Bolt Optional Items: in the instructions, you shim up the tonneau rails depending on your truck. They give you 40 washers to accomplish this but I didn't like the way it looked so I bought spacers in their place. 2 x 1/4" ID by 1/2" length Spacer 2 x 1/4" ID by 3/8" length Spacer First step was taking off the plastic bed rail cover and installing the J nuts that folks have mentioned a couple times Then I measured and drilled holes in the bed rail cover, for me the front was 10 1/2" from the leading edge and 7/16" up from the bottom. The back was 13 1/4" from the back of the rail cover and 1/2" up from the bottom. Then you can install the "drill" attach bracket from the peragon cover package with the m6 bolts mentioned above. I installed it making the horizontal piece on the bracket as high as possible. Once the brackets are installed you follow the normal instructions until you get to the shimming and the "ramp" alignment. Instead of shimming with all the washers they provide, I used the spacer brackets mentioned above. The 1/2" high ones went in front and the 3/8" high ones went on the back brackets. I used both the 2" long carriage bolt and coupling nuts for aligning the cover ramp where it needed to be. They provide a 5" bolt but for this truck bed was too deep and I needed something longer. I just installed it yesterday and I'm really happy with it. I think the gloss black on the top of the cover matches some of the piano black accents on the cab. I like how easily it opens, closes and how easy it is to remove the cover if not needed; the tonneau rails would take some effort to remove. Only complaints are I wish it latched under the cover in back like other hard tonneau covers so you don't need an additional lock. The cover "ramp" is a little jenky with having to use a 5" bolt and the truck bed to align; I wish that were a little more cleaned up.
  2. how did you figure out the paint match for your interior? was the bracket used to sandwich the headliner between the bracket and sunglass holder?
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