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  1. I owned a 1991 Silverado. Then I owned a 2001 Silverado. Then I owned a 2011 Silverado. In 2020 it was time for a new truck. Had all the plans in the world to continue my Silverado love. Saw that front end and just couldn’t do it. I was so sad! I wanted a Silverado so bad but it’s just so hideous. Saw the new GMC and knew immediately it would be my new truck.
  2. On pickup night. I think my decision to go color matched fenders was the right one.
  3. Separate. You could literally have one thing playing in the truck and another on the tailgate. The accessory ignition in the truck doesn’t have to be on for these to work.
  4. Look at his profile. His MO is he pops on and points out something bad, he gets replies telling him how to fix or work around and he never posts again. I doubt he owns a 2020 GMC Denali. He’s just pointing out what he perceives as shortcomings and when people show him how to fix - he never says “ok” “thanks” nothing... would you really spend 70k on a truck and then not like it because the interior dome light is low? On one post he asks where you can see what gear you are in. Of course we all know the answer- because we own one.
  5. So my new truck (order from the factory) showed up at my dealer. On the way home from work last night I stopped by the dealership (they were closed) to see if I could find it. As if turns out it was in the bay having the standard black wheel moldings swapped out for the optional color matched ones. For some reason I am mad as hell that there are these cardboard boxes leaning up against my new truck. I know it’s a truck. But it’s an $80,000 truck. I’m not gonna do that to it when I get home. I didn’t say anything to my salesman but am considering it. Am I over reacting? Be honest. Don’t tell me what I want to hear if you think I’m wrong.
  6. In the bay at the dealer getting the black fender moldings swapped out for white ones.
  7. Thanks Redwnger. It looks like I’m between a 3300 and a 3400. If I’m a Saturday truck, let’s hope the workers aren’t mad they have to work on a Saturday!!!
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