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  1. What did it cost for the rebuild? and did you wait for the converter to go out or did you have it done beforehand?
  2. I know this is about what oil, but since it goes hand in hand what filters do you guys recommend? I have a feeling its equally important.
  3. cast steel, (looks like a cast iron pan), Aluminum is shiny silver pretty easy to distinguish, and stamped steel is shiny black and smooth and looks more boxy.
  4. im assuming your talking about the 4x4 lift from zone 4.5"??? ive read and reread the manual for the 2wd 4.5" lift and havent seen anywhere where welding is needed/required.
  5. quick adjustment that nobody has said, tire pressure seems kind of low, what are your tires rated at a lot of times probably should be closer to 40-45 psi. try and see if that changes anything simple quick free fix.
  6. my 03 tahoe had the windshield replaced and it was fine for a few months and then randomly got a leak couldnt pinpoint it and swore it was the XM antenna but ended up finally calling safelite to come back out and check the windshield and sure enough it was a bad seal job by the previous technician. thats where i would start. couldnt find the leak with a hose either and no noises.
  7. none that i notice but im also in florida only hills i have are bridges but nothing there either, havent towed yet as well. and SnowCamo for $149 you can buy licenses to tune other vehicles that are support so if you and your neighbor are good friends and plan to be long term you could go in half to get it.
  8. got mine off amazon, corrected tire size, turned afm off, increased trans shift to firm, raised idle by 100 to get rid of the shake at stoplights, increased throttle response by 10% (will retune and try 20% next week but wanted to feel it out first), 87 basic tune, it made a huge difference already idles better now, shifts feel solid, afm off is fantastic and throttle response is good at 10% but wondering if there is still some improvements to be made.
  9. your main goals are everything i was hoping for and was already achieved with the canned tune from diablosport, thanks for the info.
  10. Do you have first hand experience with it? I am looking to have a custom tune done in the future, but not looking for anything crazy just drive ability, throttle response, shifting.
  11. Well everyone! Went and saw the truck in person looked it over took a long test drive and decided to bring it back home with me. Love the truck so far already went and purchased a tuner to turn off AFM, increase idle revs to 600 to eliminate that annoying shake at stoplights, increased throtttle response and transmission shift firmness. Drives like a completely different truck after driving it stock for a few days.
  12. only reason i say downfall is all the scares recently of torque converters going bad but if its a GM its destined to happen they just seem inept to create a quality transmission that runs forever. Yet they have a 5.3 that lives forever!
  13. Yep happy with price its listed below what I've found comparable for same year/mileage/features. Only downfall i've found is that it does have a 6 speed and not the 8 speed but that isnt a deal breaker for me GM seem to always have transmission issues at least in my past with silverado and tahoe 4l60E. I did already check no open recalls, I feel like im on the right track with checking things you guys are throwing at me this is what I was hoping for by creating this thread.
  14. Perfect sounds like same things I am thinking about as well, its a few hour drive so i actually had a local friend stop by unannounced yesterday to look at it for me and checked out via him (he started/test drove it) so that helps, it does have about 11 months / 11k miles left on warranty through GM so that is good just incase.
  15. thats an option, I am pretty mechanical savy owned a silverado and currently tahoe now replaced transmission on silverado and plenty of other things (lift kits, brakes, power steering, etc.) just wasnt sure if there was any typical nuances with these trucks that stick out to people who have owned them for awhile. I appreciate the advice though always a safer bet taking to a professional to look it over.
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