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  1. @pgamboa No worries it's all good. Yeah it doesn't sound right that the half tons would be different than the other trucks... But it doesn't really matter because you hit the nail on the head! I had forgotten how to update the memory seats. And when my first couple tries didn't work I assumed it was because something was wrong with the upgrade. Double checked on YouTube. have to set the seat and mirrors and then press and hold set and the one or two button. So long story short I was able to upgrade my DL3 mirrors to DQS mirrors with zero programming from the dealer.
  2. @pgamboa sorry I wasn't trying to say that the chart was wrong about the harnesses. I was trying to say there seems to be a mismatch about the ability for the 1500 series trucks with option memory seats to support tow mirrors... Basically I was saying I think the dealer is wrong... I reached out to the dealer who show me the mirrors and he gave me some additional information to direct the dealer to the appropriate instructions. For the update...I will also double check the owners manual & make sure I'm not having a brain fart. Out of curiosity, do your harnesses support reverse tilt if the DL3 mirrors had reverse tilt to begin with?
  3. @pgamboa The only thing that doesn't work is saving new "profiles", Reverse tilt does work. Power adjust seats & mirrors still work, Power folding works (key fob & button). even pressing the "1" or "2" buttons causes the mirrors/seats to return to the saved positions. Yes I did swap out the harnesses, the right hand was P/N: RH84390965 (RH965RH) I'll have to pull the door panel to get the Left Hand P/N....Interesting development. The dealer told me they called GMs technical center & they were told there is no way update the BCM for tow mirrors on 1500 trucks...
  4. Just wanted to put this out here in case it helps anyone out. I did the GM approved DL3 => DQS mirror upgrade today on my 2014 LTZ 1500. The RZY harness was a pain & took more time to install than both mirrors combined. At the end of the day, all mirror features still work (adjust, power fold, reverse tilt, cargo light, park lanp), except I can no longer update my mirror/seat memory profiles. The dealership I bought the mirrors from sent me a code for a BCM update, I'll have to look into that on Monday. Does anyone have more information on that? Something I can tell my local dealer besides, "this code, BCM, Mirrors, go"?
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