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  1. Aw man that’s a classic! A legend right there! Now that’s a truck with real muscle. No tech to stop or limit it hahaha
  2. Well I think you just helped me make my decision. Big Red is staying home! Its always nice to have that feedback from fellow truck owners. Thanks!!
  3. Ok now you’re making it hard for me to give up on big Red, but you’re right!! Even though I hardly drive it. I know it’s there when I need it lol!
  4. Thanks! Yea, Im debating with my wife still lol. But I’ve put in $3500 in upgrades that’s its hard to let go lol.
  5. I actually wasn’t going to get a new car/truck. I was…I am thinking of just selling it. I work from home and hardly drive anywhere except on the weekend to do errands. That’s why miles are pretty low since I got it with only 25 miles on it.
  6. I edited before you quoted lol. No pun intended. Anyway, I did a KBB Instant offer and quoted me at $39,600, but a couple Toyota dealerships kept calling me that they will offer over that if I bring in my truck for them to inspect. Im stuck now. Sounds like it would sell for what I originally got it for.
  7. I’m actually thinking of selling mine as well. 2018 Silverado Z71 LT with 16,600 miles on it.
  8. I installed a Borla ATAK black tip dual side exhaust. Love it! Took me about and 1 and a half.
  9. @Raven Z71I’m in TX now. Sure miss the mountains though not the winters haha. @MikeBMW I ended up buying the wheels off a guy that removed them from his 2019 Silverado then I got them installed at Discount Tire. I should’ve made the smart move to have the dealership install them.
  10. Thanks! It is a head turner for sure. I noticed a 2019-2020 Silverado next to me on the highway with the same wheels and we gave each other that head nod of approval lol. It was great. Let’s hope Chevy doesn’t try to pull that “warranty voided” card haha. You just never know.
  11. @Raven Z71 Your truck looks badass though. Weird, I do notice having them on now a big difference. Especially that noise like its dragging in a way. I can feel it when I accelerate, but I don’t hear any sort of noise. Hope it doesn’t cause any damage.
  12. Nice!!! Do you notice like a grind type noise when you drive and get up to 50mph? I got mine done today.
  13. Anybody else running a 2018 Silverado with trail boss 18 in rims from a 2019 Silverado? I was wondering if those would fit a 2018 Silverado since the OEM tire is a 265/65/18 and the trail boss has a 275/65/18 tire. I was more concerned if they would rub or if I can swap out the trail boss tire with the 265/65/18?
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