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  1. I don't have this TB but I do have a 17 Silverado 5.3 and a 16 cts-v and both are stock. Both exhibit this. It is always when coasting then part throttle.
  2. I have an older one I could sell cheap. I think they still update them to the current version.
  3. The z71 didnt come with chrome bumpers did it? Adding standard bed double cab and removing white and black would limit choices quite a bit. Then again, GM sells a tons of these trucks. Likely the combo is out there.
  4. I don't see the dexos label on it. While it says gm it doesn't mention which year. I use rotella in my Porsche 996, it is good oil.
  5. I have this kit installed: Airlift 88204 Load lifter ultimate kit. Link Was easy to install myself. I like the adjust ability. Keep 8-10 pounds when not towing. Helped settle the rear some over bumps when not loaded. Dramatically improves towing.
  6. Without knowing tongue weight it is hard to speculate. I tow pretty regular including cars on car haulers (96 Chevy Caprice). Install an airbag kit of some sort to help with rear sag. Without it you might be looking up during the trip and bounce over any small bump. Steering is affected with poor load balance. Sway control really helps, especially in the wind and when getting passed. If the trailer is set up for sway control use it. Properly loaded, rear airlift setup and sway control would make for a much safer and less stressful haul for not much money. If it was across town and one time i'd pass but going that far I'd recommend investing in the set up.
  7. The dealer does the best 4 hour oil change ever. In all seriousness, the dealer is the most inconvenient place to get the oil changed. I really need an appointment for two weeks from now just to leave my truck all day? For something that takes 20 minutes tops of you actually let the oil drain out? I used my two free oil changes. Second one they brought my truck up front with a rub/scratch on the door. I had done the walk around with the service advisor when I dropped it off and again when I picked it up. Dealer still wouldn't fix it. If it is minor or isn't a warranty repair I simply do it myself.
  8. 4GLTE. Does anyone really pay for or care that this is installed? OnStar. Can we get over this feature or make it significantly cheaper? I'd rather save the money and not have it installed. I don't want a wireless cell charger. I like the cutout but phones got bigger then the cutout just about the time this truck came out. Why does my radio have a warning that only randomly comes on? Ice possible. I am in El Paso. If he'll freezes over then I'll worry about ice. Why can't I delete this? Was the backup camera designed when 1 mp cameras were a thing? The quality really is terrible. I rarely use it. Rather just have the sensors. The shocks. Just awful. Bouncy. Speed bumps are an adventure. I don't hate the truck but I liked my avy previously much better overall. After 10 years of ownership it seemed to still be put together well. Not sure this truck is going to make it and I don't even have 26k on it yet.
  9. When carrying petroluem I use a small plastic storage bin for my fuel containers and secure with a strap. Easy peasy.
  10. Look for the item you want. Check under used. Look for seller "Amazon Warehouse". Add that one to cart. Wait. Periodically they will lower the price until it sells. They are graded on condition by a third party and can vary but returns are free to include shipping on warehouse items. You can also narrow down automotive by your specific vehicle and then seller "Amazon warehouse". It will list all items that work for your vehicle sold by the warehouse. Bit more complicated that way but if you can point and click, then sort by seller. Make sure your truck has been added to your Amazon garage. Good luck. I get some good deals that way. My cargo topper was around $400 with msrp I think $800. Bedrug similar discount. Both arrived in great new condition. Likely bought for wrong bed length if I had to guess.
  11. Another bedrug user. If you wait long enough they show up on Amazon under the Amazon warehouse for under $100. Have it under a cover. Works great. Levels out the bed, provides padding. Would be great for making the bed more like a trunk that also works well with camping/sex as noted above. Not good for petroleum products as they can break down the fiber. The liner warns not to carry gasoline if I recall. Mine is the complete with tailgate extension. Highly recommended.
  12. Had my Avalanche broken into ~6 years ago while at dinner. Heard the alarm go off, was outside in less then 30 seconds and the thief was already gone. Used something to shove into the key lock to pop the door. Required them to 'pry' the door handle down a bit. Not sure how the mechanism worked. Anyhow, wife left her phone on the center console which is what was taken. Phone was $200 phone. Door handle was going to cost if I recall after painting $4-600. After some thought, as stupid as this sounds, I simply leave my truck unlocked. In the driveway I have a camera on it. Out and about I have nothing of value in it. Reason being, the cost to repair a break-in or attempt is often more than what was taken. Id rather someone simply try the door handle, find nothing, and not break anything. Not for everyone I understand but no issues in the 6 years since. No idea if anyone has been in the truck. They haven't broken anything if they have been.
  13. There is plenty of stuff I wish my truck didnt have in order to allow a lower price. Certainly it all sounded grand when it was designed but the delay from design to market makes alot of the technology just excess weight and money. For starters: 4GLTE Factory Nav Wireless charging Onstar Not sure what the price of those systems are but I would prefer to live without them. If I thought for a few minutes I would come up with plenty more.
  14. This isn't an easy decision. Really depends on what is offered for your truck in private party or trade in and the price for a new truck. You have to decide if the difference in price for the transmission replacement vs the difference in price between sales price and purchase price is worth it. If the difference is $3500 vs $10k you have to decide if $6500 extra is worth the new warranty in addition to all the other wear items on the truck being new (paint, suspension, etc.). If the difference is $3500 vs $20k, might be a different answer. If you fix your truck, all the other little things that make it not new will be there. If you buy a new truck you get a new transmission bit also new everything else. What is that worth? I would say get both quotes. Get a firm price on the transmission and a trade in. Then compare and decide. Anything else is more hypothetical without complete information.
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