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  1. Well today is 6 months since i dropped off my truck 2019 H/C 6.2 at a local dealership for this rear window problem, not the dealership where i bought it from because that is 2 hours away from me. The window leak apparently was fixed but the truck smells like a mold pit. I have been in 2 loaner trucks since November 8th The dealership was bought out in December and that dealership basically washed there hands of it . So about 3 months ago, end of February i got my dealership where i bought it from involved, they have been great to my family and me over the years bought many vehicles through them. They got there district manager involved and they offered me a full buy back on my truck, then covid 19 hit, the buy back division is furloughed and are unable to work from home and i cannot get a new truck until the buy back division calls me and gets me in there system, so my dealership where i bought it from is a small dealership, typically they only sell 2 or 3 high countrys a year. So they dont have any on there lot, so i found a few at a different dealership which is under the jurisdiction of the district manager also, and that this dealership cant do deal swaps now because of the covid 19, the buy back division needs a vin # on a new truck just to put me in the q, when they get back up and going. Problem is right now and my biggest fear is that dealership in the northeast are running out of 6.2 H/C's my dealership will go up to 250 miles to get one for me. I am worry that i wont find a truck and have to order one which takes about 90 days to get once they are making trucks again. Oh i forgot to mention im still making my payments for my truck thats been at the dealership for 6 months, which the district manager says they will reimburse me toward my new truck, i also want to take advantage of the incentives tight now plus the company i work for has a discount too. Whole time its been very frustrating.
  2. Do i get a prize today, day 100for this rear window leak for me. Un friggin believable
  3. Then i said how the hell could you close my case out without me getting my truck back,,, no answer to that
  4. I have. I dropped my truck off on nov 8th, they gave me a loaner, in the mean time the dealership got bought out and they need there loaner back, after a huge run around and arguing to get a new loaner i called gm customer service and opened up a case at the beginning of December , only to have the senior advisor close my case on dec 20th, called them back in the middle of January only to have them tell me that they would have to open a new case. What a joke.
  5. How do you think i feel at day 88. 88 friggin days!! Insane is be on how i feel.
  6. Newbie to the forum, im on day 87 today, yup day 87!!!!
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