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  1. Ya - definitely weird... Wonder if some sort of bad sensor is causing it? I have not taken my truck in to have it looked at yet.
  2. Well - same here. The check engine light is now gone... Not sure what to do here - Should I take it in and have it looked at?
  3. At 3400 miles in early June I experienced my first check engine light which the dealer said was related to the DEF settings/software recall. Just over this past weekend the check engine light came on again at 4900 miles?? Anyone else experiencing multiple check engine lights already? Even if it is just a recall or software updates, visiting the dealer can be an inconvenience.
  4. So at 3,400 miles my 3.0L Duramax check engine light came on. I scheduled an appointment with GMC to have it looked at. Upon picking up the vehicle was told it was related to a recall. After reading your post and looking at your service ticket I have the exact same Service Update Bulletin (N2023000791). Since the update my DEF consumption has nearly doubled.
  5. Ya - did not inquire about the front replacements. The rears were in stock and installed next day.
  6. A local shop near me - SoCal Auto Style - ordered them and installed them.
  7. Not sure if this applies to your vehicle but I had my 2" rear blocks removed on my AT4 to get a more leveled look to avoid altering the front end. After driving it around for a week I could definitely feel a difference in the way the rear end handled small and large bumps. The smooth road handling had disappeared. Since the stock OEM Rancho rear shocks were made for the 2" lift I looked for a non AT4/TrailBoss shock replacement with zero lift and went with the Bilstein 5100 which are good for 0-1" lift. Truck now drives better than stock - on and off-road. Very happy with the shock overall.
  8. No Lift - just removed the rear 2" block to level the truck and installed Bilstein 5100 (rear only).
  9. Great Review! Couple questions as I also have a 3.0L Duramax and tow a trailer of similar weight... What Airbags did you go with? When running 10psi how much different is the ride compared to without the airbags? And BTW - love the Imagine Trailers. Looking to sell our current ToyHauler and get a new Imagine as well...
  10. Thanks for the feedback! I recently installed new 34" tires and have yet to tow my travel trailer. We'll see how she performs before making a decision.
  11. Anyone know what GM will charge to swap out 3.23 to 3.73 including install?
  12. 2020 AT4 Duramax - 285/75/17 Nitto Ridge Grapplers - 17"x9" Icon Rebound 0 offset - Removed 2" Rear Block to Level Truck Chrome Delete Coming Soon!
  13. Somewhat new to the forum and excited about my new 2020 AT4 Duramax. So far loving the new truck. This is my first GM product after owning Toyotas my entire life. Couldn't be happier and hoping its as dependable as a Toyota. Mods - 285/75/17 Nitto Trail Grapplers 17x9 Icon Rebels w/ 0 offset Removed Rear 2" block to level truck Next Mods - Gloss Black Paint - Grill - Emblems - Fog Surrounds Powder Coat TailPipes Gloss Black
  14. Check out this vid - I really like how the gloss black and matte black turned out. Does anyone know if I remove the rear badges from tailgate, am I able to reinstall them after painting them? New double sided tape??
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