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  1. I just had mine replaced to this exact window yesterday. Its so cold where i am that i cannot take it to a carwash for 7 days because they want to ensure the sealant/bonding agent completely cures. They too gave me a 7yr 100K extended warranty because i was out of service for 21 days. After getting my truck back last night I noticed the headliner is completely ruined and cracked right at the back window. There are several scratches on the paint of the bed as well. One area is so bad that it needs to be painted. Dealer is going to fix the scratches and repaint if needed. Not sure what they are going to do about the headliner because i refuse to let them take the windshield out to replace it because that just opens up the possibility to more issues. My dealer is supposed to be one of the best in the area but i am extremely disappointed.
  2. 2019 HC 1500 Build 08/18. 5,800 Miles. Tell your attorney to go class action!
  3. Here's another question... a lot of folks are talking about trading the trucks in for something else.... what options are people considering. After looking in the market Fords and Rams seem plagued with a host of issues as well. IMO Toyota is in dire need of a full refresh. The only one that personally interests me is the Nissan Titan, but you cannot get all the features in a Titan that you can with the Silverado.
  4. I tried but dealer said warranty has to replace with same part.... i even explained that the fixed glass is cheaper for GM and shouldnsolve this issue once and for all and that i wont have to come back in 12 months for a leak in the "new" window. Going to call my insurance to see if they will cover replacement for a leak and ill just have the glass company put in a solid rear window. Per Safelite its 470 installed and if insurance will fix it ill be done with this mess. Safelite daid they cannot get the sliders because they are on backorder.... go figure
  5. My saga continues as well. Over a week in the shop. They did the initial "seal" per bulletin and that failed in less than 24 hours. They removed the window and resealed it again let "cure" for 3 days, still leaks. They wont give my truck back because it still leaks and they have ordered a new window which is on back order for two weeks. I have no faith in the replacement windows. Ive opened a case with GM over a week ago but they have yet to call me back. I feel like i have no options at this point.
  6. Did u get a replacement window? has your leak been resolved?
  7. Agreed would be just my luck that the replacement would begin leaking at 36001 miles
  8. mine is leaking. just got the seal fix and its still leaking. there is a visible crack in the plastic. Going to take it back tomorrow. Hearing that even the replacement sliders they are putting in are failing too thats why im concernes. I simply just want this to be done, i dont think a fixed window will kill reseale value, its still a High Country with a 6 2 and almost every option available, but i could be wrong but when trading in, i doubt that would even be noticed. The fact is i love this truck other than the leak.
  9. I have read through so many posts on this topic, most people arent posting the type of rear window they have. Are folks with the fixed rear window experiencing same issues? I could care less about the sliding rear window will really never use it. Wondering if I should just have it replaced with a fixed glass unit.
  10. Just got my truck back from the seal "fix" and guess what.... it still leaks..... back to the dealership tomorrow
  11. I will have to discuss this with my dealer, I too have this strange high pitched harmonic type noise. I haven't been able to pin point where it was coming from since I am hard of hearing, my kids hear it. If I left off the accelerator it stops immediately. Not too hard to duplicate the sound.
  12. I couldn't agree with you more, they are going to say or do whatever they can to ease concerns. They did say that if this fix fails they then have to remove and reseat the back window unit. They are also claiming that they are seeing solid windows with the same leak as well. I am wondering now after researching this topic if there could possibly be two issues at play here. A spoiler seal issue which would impact all model years regardless of fixed/slide windows, and a defect with the slide windows themselves. I tried to get a good look at the top of the plastic above the slide unit to see if there I could see any cracks but without risking damaging the headliner, I couldn't get a good enough view up there. Its a sad state of affairs anyway you look at it. So many folks that have spent so much hard earned cash on these vehicles and GM is sitting on it without a real solution. Because it is not a "safety issue" they aren't going to be forced to do a recall and repurchases are out of the question because a leak in theory can be "fixed". I will keep everyone posted as my journey continues, but I have to say that I am skeptical at best with the proposed fixes.
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