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  1. I drive 55 miles each way to work 5 days a week and fill up once a week. It’s something around 22-23 gallons to fill the tank. Mostly highway.
  2. I bought a 2020 Silverado rst in December with the 3.0. I average 23 mpg around town and have hit 31.8 on the highway at 70mph. This is in a crew cab four wheel drive. I traded my 05 LLY Duramax 2500 in so I was use to the big torque and low horsepower numbers. The 10 speed auto makes this little motor a pleasure to drive. It pulls hard up to about 3k where you can tell it just doesn’t have the horsepower of a gas motor. It’s not an issue to me though because it’ll tug as hard as my 05 6.6 Duramax. That 10 speed and the 460lb ft of torque make it feel like it has allot more in it. So far I’m at 5k miles since late December and it’s been rock solid. Still have 1/4 tank of def as well. I’m extremely happy with the entire truck overall.
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