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  1. Love this combo. Lot's of power from this engine. Smooth as silk transmission. I have had mine almost 1 year.
  2. Or an LT Trail Boss. I have the 2020 5.3 L84 V8 with the 10 speed tranny, 2 speed rear end. Love it! Purchased in March 2020. Sticker, $54,500, paid $44,000 + tax, title etc.
  3. It was either black or shadow gray for me. Shadow gray won & I love it!
  4. Same here. Smooth as silk. I never know when it's shifting. You can feel the shift in Sport Mode but that's how it should be.
  5. Your wrong. I have 2020 Trail Boss 5.3 L84 10 speed. Love it.
  6. Drove both before I bought the Trail Boss, L84 5.3, 10 speed. Way more zip than I thought it would have. It's fantastic! I love it!
  7. Update fixed the XM radio issue........,
  8. I purchased a 2020 Trail Boss in early March with the 5.3 10 speed. Prior to purchasing I drove an RST with the 6.2. Not a lot of difference in my opinion. The 10 speed tranny is awesome! MSRP was $55920. Traded a 2013 Envoy with 53000 miles purchased new, excellent condition. $41500 before TTR.
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