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  1. Not sure what you guys expected. You modified your trucks (to the point of illegality) and expect everything to work perfectly? You made your bed, now lay in it.
  2. I'm having some jerking issues on my 2019, which is the 10 speed. Has there been any reports on that transmission? It's the worst when coming to a stop, but not actually stopping. Once you move from the brakes to the gas in a 4-5mph roll, it feels like there is slack in the driveline that goes away, and creates a jerk. Along with that, when going 30mph or so, and taking my foot off the gas, the transmission holds the gear, at even up to 2k RPM or so, causing the truck to slow down, rather than coast. It doesn't go to the next higher gear like other vehicles, and when stepping back on the gas it does a jerk as well, as mentioned above. Along with those two, if I am coming to a quick stop, it feels like the transmission stays engaged for too long, and there is a jerk when the torque converter finally releases.
  3. Thanks, do you slit it and then wrap it around that squared bracket the cables run through, or wrap it around the actual cables?
  4. What size hose if you don't mind? I'd like to fix mine myself.
  5. Would be very surprised if they changed anything, given this is the last model year of this generation. However, I'd be interested to hear otherwise, as I have a 2019.
  6. Unfortunately, you do not have adaptive cruise if your cruise control light does not look like the one above. That button on your wheel is used only to adjust how aggressive the automatic emergency braking and braking alert sensitivity is for your truck. ACC was
  7. I would like the answer to this as well. My understanding is that ACC disengages and you are in charge of driving from 10mph under, but you're right, the manual reads like it can be used for full stop/go.
  8. I figured out the issue on my own. Took some deep Googling, since there really doesn't seem to be much of a community posting about these trucks, but here is the issue and how to fix it. https://gm-techlink.com/?p=12330
  9. I believe only LTZ had the LEDs activated as the DRLs in the early years of this model. Later years lower trims got the LED DRL feature, even though the LEDs were still there in prior years.
  10. At what point do you guys draw the line, and finally say, "This needs to get looked at?" I have a new Yukon Denali with 800ish miles on it, and the left rear suspension creaks. I hear it essentially every time I get in and out of the truck. How long should I give it to let all the components, etc. settle before bringing it back in? My concern, is I just spent $3k to get the truck fully ceramic coated, and I do not trust the dealership to not touch the paint. Every time I have ever picked a car up from a service visit, they are covered in fingerprints, all along the front edge of the hood, door edge, and plus where ever they are working. It really irks me how wreckless they are, and I do as much of the work on my cars as possible due to it. Not to mention, the risk of them taking it through a touch car wash. Video below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKVH0gz4q_I
  11. I am looking to trade these wheels, off of my 2019 with 75 miles, for the standard 22" Denali wheels. Would anyone be looking to swap? My wheels:
  12. I have searched all over the internet, and this seems to be one of the more active GM Truck forums. I come from the Wrangler world, where there is a running thread for prices paid on current year models, and oyu can read deals on past models as well. Anyone talk pricing on their trucks? Specifically, now that GM is offering 0% for 84 months on 2019 Yukons, my wife and I are in the market for a Denali. I was offered $6k off MSRP ($79k), and a good trade valuation. However, I'm curious if I should push more, especially with the new models coming out, and it being a 2019 anyway. Wife and I don't work for companies that get us a GM discount, and we don't have a lease or competing vehicle in the house.
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