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  1. How much The harness set for dl8 to dl3 mirrors & do they automatically fold in & out when lock & unlock doors ???

  2. yea im having the same clunkness but only at start form a complete stop like at a stop light. Dealer regreased driveshaft plines then it stopped, but after installed a 2.25" front leveling kit the clunk was back. i now have an diablo 87octane tune, afm off, trans point at 15% & still doing it. so at this point im completely convinced chevy dropped the ball with the drivetrain issues
  3. i might buy in 2 wks, im still searching to see wut i need in order to upgrade to them besides getting the switch
  4. In ur opinion, wut size would be ur max that won't affect too much ?
  5. Depending if I go 2pc forged wheels & wut face design
  6. Besides doin a front leveling kit & possibly NorCal mod, wut else is needed maybe to have them fit perfectly almost like factory
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