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  1. curious, what is the advantage of a side exit exhaust? I added a borla and the drone is getting on my nerves, should have chosen the Magnaflow.
  2. I put a sled deck on a CC with 6'10" box. I went for a short deck as well but found there are different length of 7' decks. Many are too short and there was a space between the end of the wood(deck) and the tailgate so you can see into the box. I looked and found one that covered the box completely but the loading bar is just shy of the end of the trailer hitch (so it does not make my overall truck length longer). It all depends on the brand of deck and even year in some cases. A full 6'10" of coverage was what i wanted.
  3. Park and CHMSL is Off in all modes. all other lights work just as you have described (proper sequence etc..) Thanks for the source to troubleshoot the burnt out light. Unfortunate if it was burnt from new.
  4. Thanks.. yes I have the mirror lights as well. cargo light button seem to work for me on those as well as the rear box lights and tailgate light. strange
  5. Sorry for the simple question. I have a 2020 Silverado 2500 HD and I cannot figure out how to get the cab mounted cargo light to come one. The obvious button that illuminated the permitter lights, in-box lights, and tailgate light doesn't seem to turn on my cab mounted (up with 3rd brake light) cargo light. Am I missing something or is this another delete from gm (e.g console storage, read map pockets,...)
  6. Hi everyone. I'm about to put new wheels and tires on this thing (2020 2500 custom). Only going 285/75/18 for rubber but have to make a decision on offset. With no level kit (ok 1" on the keys) the popular number out there seems to be +20. I have found a wheel I like (and really cheap) in a 0 offset but don't know how much tire will stick out. Anyone try neutral (0) with these trucks before going 2-3" up in the front? I dont want to throw rocks on my truck. Thanks. I just dont want to be dissapointed.
  7. Can i add to this? I am thinking of taking the 20's off my custom and put 18x9's on with 35x11 tires (285 75 18). Selecting a wheel has bee confusing. I am starting to think 0 offset is safe but there are additional options with a -12 to -18 offset. given the 9"wheel and 11" tire would I still be ok at -12 offset? Silverado 2500 custom with keys adjusted up only 1".
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