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  1. There is a good chance it's the torque converter unlocking as you come to a stop...
  2. I have one of these covers and mine only lets in water when I go through the auto wash... I think they have it installed wrong.
  3. I have a 6.2L 10 speed and tow a slightly over 11 foot high TT that weights between 7,500 and 8K depending on the trip. When weather permitted I have towed it at 80mph before and I never needed to maintain 3,500 rpm unless I was going up a steep hill. A L5P Dmax would be your best option but if you are staying in the 1/2 ton category you can find your pairing without a worry.
  4. Grumpy Bear about nailed it here. There is lots of good information to make a good decision.
  5. I think I get what you are asking for... How do you calculate the torque multiplication that the gearing and gears will give you. I don't have this answer either but I'd be very interested as I feel the 6.2 is even beefier than what they say as well.
  6. If you have a trickle charger, I'd suggest putting that on overnight to see if the truck acts different. With such short drives it may be trying to handle both the voltage load the truck is asking for and keeping it charged. Leaving with a full battery should let the truck focus on other tasks.
  7. This was two days ago... maybe put your reading glasses on. You obviously follow nothing well, and I get you are trying to stick up for your buddy and that's cool if you want to. I never shared a view that difffers from anyone on this thread which is why I asked you if you can follow a conversation. You obviously cannot and maybe need to hibernate for a few more months before you try this again. Also you decided to come after me when I said nothing to you, so you did need this battle that you lost, and you keep trying to say I did things that I did not. Get your meds checked so you can follow along next time. You have a nice day now too before you get yourself in trouble now old feller.
  8. Here is a question.... Have any of you guys did this with the stock exhaust? If so did you notice any difference? I wouldn't mind doing this to mine this weekend.
  9. Yes, much too tough for me. I concede to your great knowledge and now understand how thoughtful your approach is. However if I have to give you an example of you putting words in my mouth because you don't remember or can't follow the conversation I have nothing for you.
  10. I never said what I liked and didn't like... You just told me what I did though. So how interesting was my idea again?
  11. I can't stand people that think life is only perfect through their eyes.
  12. My Trailboss used to act just like all others described until I switched to Bilsteins. In my opinion I'd change the front and rears (some only change the rear) and as another member said on this string you will think you purchased a better truck! The dampening on the Bilsteins is night and day and I was actually shocked how much tighter the truck feels.
  13. My truck has done this on occasion and my buddy's 2020 HD chevy did as well. As soon as the truck started the brake pedal was perfect with no other issues ever. I know it's fun to say the dealership "says it's normal" and then complain, however this is normal.
  14. I put Bilstein 5100's on all for corner of my Tboss and my truck both drives considerably smoother with much less body movement and towing is much improved as well. Those Rancho's while I loved them for just daily driving seem to never settle down.
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