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  1. I have this issue, and I had it in my 2020 1500 as well. I switched out the Rancho's in my Tboss to Bilstein 5100's and my 1500 drove straight as an arrow. I have already replaced the rear rancho's and the fronts will go on next week. I'm hoping for the same results.
  2. Ever since I put that platinum blue DEF in my 2021 I get errors all the time and they just go away. I get bad DEF warnings, low mileage warnings, they all go away. From now on I'm only putting the cheapest and freshest DEF I can find in my truck.
  3. Sounds like the Exhaust Brake is holding your speed. Welcome to a HD truck. If you want to continue to accelerate hit the gas pedal for a bit and I believe it will let you coast, or at least let the truck now you are ok with a gain in speed.
  4. I went from a 6.2 LT TBoss to a 2500 Dmax Sierra for a better towing experience with my travel trailer. I'll never look back and may never own another 1500 again. The 6.2 had all the power I needed, but the diesel is just meant to be in a truck in my humble opinion. At 9klbs I don't feel the trailer regardless of weather.
  5. Can you add more about the tick... Is it a random, does it sound like it has rhythm to it? Is it loud like a hammer tapping on iron, or something else. DI engines tick like crazy!
  6. I guess this is either a known issue or I'm the only one that notices this sub either pounds some decent bass or seems to shut off with a crossover.
  7. I had a 2020 Tboss with the bose upgraded stereo and I now have a 2021 Denali HD. Same radio (as far as I know) and it has the same damn issue. The sub has a mind of its own. It comes on when it wants and it's great when it does, however it's not consistent and seems to work less of the time than more of the time. This is across the Genres of Country, Classic Rock, some of that EDM stuff and old school Rap. Any idea how to make the sub work 100% of the time? I have the bass all the way up, volume doesn't matter. I feel like it has a selective crossover but at times that selection is to just not work. Anyone else noticing this? If so is there a fix? Thanks in advance!
  8. knowing a few people in the auto industry or just looking at stats... I'd say of the Big 3 GM is more than heads and shoulders above the competition. They are making "drivable" cars and putting them on the road. Ford's production is down 1/3 at minimum in terms of vehicle sales and they are screwing their suppliers by not fulfilling their orders with them and telling them to shove it. For instance their Chassis stamping is down almost 40% and they have no plans to pay their suppliers that let down despite being contractually obligated. So I believe what you are calling "cheap games" is GM making their vehicles run and at least fulfilling some kind of demand. They are the leader of this in the U.S.
  9. I have a 2021 2500 Dmax and my power steering whines and groans like crazy!
  10. This worked well for me as well. I did that and a quick booster test and now my brakes feel the same everytime I drive them with a nice firm pedal.
  11. I feel the same way... If I lay on the brakes loaded or unloaded I stop very controlled and quickly. It just seems that the pedal travel to get to that point in consistent. I wonder if I should bleed the brakes.
  12. I've found that making sure the exhaust brake is on helps.
  13. Here in Michigan a dealer will go out of business if they don't accept GM discount. Get your vehicle from out of state and have it shipped to you. Those dealers are giving you the run around for no reason at all.
  14. I follow your logic here and it shouldn't be dismissed. I've tested my brakes with and without trailer brakes and everything feels tighter when I'm towing. I have more feedback in the brake pedal and response just seems better. Sometimes coming up to a light (unloaded) I feel as if the TC isn't unlocking quick enough and torque of the motor is pushing it ahead. There are other times the brakes feel exactly the same and truck doesn't lurch... My head is going towards the TC not unlocking but I'm not a mechanic or expert so I could be way off.
  15. @rRandom I feel exactly how you do and I had the same feeling in my 2020 TB. Brakes worked much better with a trailer attached, and I have to work more unloaded. Same exact feeling on my 2021 HD. I wonder if there is some kind of sensor that increases the pressure when it sense a trailer or load. I'd love to have an engineer respond to this because I do wish my brakes felt like they do when loaded all the time. Do they make an adapter to plug in that will make the truck think a trailer is attached? If so that'd be a great test.
  16. I have a 2021 2500 Denali and my brakes are soft and feel very much like truck brakes with progressive braking power when I want it. My buddy's 2020 2500HD gasser has a much more stiffer pedal. Not sure why the difference but it's very noticeable. Mine feel fine, work fine, and I've already towed a few times with it and I have zero confidence issues and I tested my new trailer without trailer brakes vs. my half-ton... Stops almost unbelievably better coming from never owning more than a 1/2 ton before.
  17. I've had a backflip MX4 on my last two trucks and like the flexibility of it. It will fold up against the cab with some spongy material so it doesn't damage anything and is held up by two little arms similar to a manual hood prop. It always seals fairly well and only leaks in extreme storms or a carwash. Even then it's minimal and while the definition doesn't fit here, I call that waterproof for a tonneau cover.
  18. I get 9-11mpg towing a 7,500 TT with a half-ton 6.2 TB towing at 75mph. I just put a deposit down on 2500 Dmax as I feel it's much safer to have a bigger truck at this weight and speed regardless how good the 1/2 ton felt pulling the trailer.
  19. My shortbed truck held a yard of mulch with room to spare. I backed it up directly to my spot and shoveled it out. I then power sprayed the bed and you'd never know there was a mess in there.
  20. I hope you love your new truck! I think the 2500 AT4's look great!
  21. in all of your posts you've made a lot of great points. Toyota's platform is older than anyone's however their platform is tried and true and it sure seems like they have found a great medium of reliability in their platform. If every other truck platform was that old and was still being tweaked I'm sure you'd see similar reliability ratings with the same complaints of MPG and old Tech. They went all in on reliability at the sacrifice of some creature comforts and efficiency in MPG. It works for some and not others which is what makes capitalism great!
  22. LOL! This! Hahahahahahaha. I never met anyone that had the 6.2 that regrets it.
  23. You will be fine with the 3.23's towing your boat with the 10 speed. The final ratio is almost if not exact to a 3.73 in a 6 speed. The truck is going to feel the 8k trailer in town but if you aren't traveling far and less than ten times a year you will be fine with your current choice. I tow a trailer at 8k with my 3.23's allover the our state and have no issues anywhere with power.
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